Logically speaking... Your wrong.


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I know what you mean. I have been a hardcore xbox fan since the beginning but when Phil teased crimson skies and gave me backwards compatibility I was beyond peeved.

his quote went something along the lines of "and i know gamers have been asking me about this title for a while CRIMSON SKIES!" I literally was about to cry because i was getting the sequel i have always wanted but no... its just a BC option. and i dont even own it anymore so am i going to have to bu...

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But if the games were originally just being made for XBO and now they need to make an updated version for scorpio and PC i can see where the setbacks in development may have happened. Although Microsoft supposedly has tools that will make this cross hardware compatibility easy for future xbox games but im assuming that maybe thats part of the reason for the delay.

I can only imagine the marketing slogan for next year. "BEST ON XBOX SCORPIO/PC" tags to try and pus...

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I am glad i am not the only one.

Last time i bought madden was 14 so 3 years will hopefully feel fresh enough. Plus i was waiting for them to add more features to franchise and this version does that; so perfect time to jump in.

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As much as i like this list i would replace PGR with with Mech Assault.

I LOVED PGR on the xbox and 360, but i feel Horizon has taken its place and if M$ were to add a third exclusive racing franchise to the mix it might saturate things. I mean i guess PGR could be more strictly street racing arcade game between Horizon and Forza but i still think Horizon has the best elements of PGR.

A new mech assault. omg would be amazing. i also rather enjoyed Blood ...

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I am actually excited for a new take on old designs. I just think its weird they wouldnt just create a vulpix family of pokemon and have their names more representative of what they really are as Foxtrot said.

Sandshrew that is ice doesnt make a lot of sense to keep that name.

other than that im impressed with some of these designs. im excited for the game.

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Each Island has a different climate is what im guessing. or maybe there are mountain/snowy regions. im sure they will explain it some how. im interested in seeing how many pokemon they give new forms. because if its most of the 151 originals they can come up with some cool alt designs.

I believe from the trailer it looks like that this is a species of Vulpix, so if you catch an ice Vulpix, it will always be a ice vulpix... and if you catch a fir...

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So here is my question... If we catch a Aloha Vulpix/ninetails, does it always stay in that form? or if i transfer it to lets say another region, will it turn back into a fire type?

if they are forever that form and i now have to catch mutiple types of single pokemon, why not just... as you said... make it NEW pokemon in the same family as that pokemon. would make a bunch more sense. i do like the look of the aloha sandshrew and nine tails though... thexy...

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I like the owl, although i think the bow and arrow is kinda weak sauce design, i prefer more animal/monster designs than Pokemon resembling humans or human traits such as a bow and arrow (not all but just a preference, Machamp and Marowak are still awesome imo). I hate the fire type starter look, and the water type looks... just silly. so i guess im going grass! lol

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My wife, who doesnt game at all and has even made fun of me that i play the main line pokemon games still has gotten addicted to this game. I am even addicted to it even though i find some parts of it extremely shallow and no where near the depth of a real pokemon game... but hey it gets us outside together walking around town having a good time and running into different people.

all in all this game has made my life better lol

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its fun, simple, addictive, and cute.

as a game its a grindfest microtranscation mobile game with a battle system that spits on the core tenants of what made pokemon games great. the only thing this game gets right is that... you catch pokemon in the real wold... other than that it has no depth really...

aside from that being my main complaint its addictive as crack atm and my wife is huge into it and she has never played or watched pokemon in her life......

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I am playing DCU on and off, its pretty cool. I just dont have the time to download and try every FTP game that tries to nickel and dime me.

is there any games on this list people may recommend? Neverwinter has caught my eye every now and than but idk if its worth it...

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If the trade in value is right i would be more than happy to do it.

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Batman Arkham Knight is only $15! BUY BUY BUY! :D

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I find it funny that this game is still getting put together piece by expensive piece... i regret getting suckered into buying this POS because i am a star wars fan. its good for the first few plays then you realize the bare bone content and the blood sucking DLC...

yeah no thanks EA, maybe when you make BF2 with everything upfront included in it i will try this again...

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fifa 16 when i checked this morning was only $16 bucks... so not bad imo...

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amazon has the xbox one version for 34 dollars... only problem its the physical edition not straight download. but still beats the Xbox sale by 10 bucks

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Wow. looks like very decent sale

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I am honestly disappointed the rumor for Halo Wars on GWG turned out to be not true for this month. but PLUS side. i have had my eye on the Banner Saga for some time now so there is a score right there for me.

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It was good, i hope for a little more variety (i was really hoping we would get a third race like flood or forerunner). but other than that. it looks great, plays great. it was at times buggy as heck but this was a beta so that can be forgiven.

I hope it exceeds my expectations. which are moderately high due to the fact i thought HW1 was a gem. (imperfect gem but still a gem)

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I actually like the film. the first 10-15 min were pretty rough but after that it grew on you and by the end i wanted more. As far as the franchise is concerned, it is pretty remarkable how it has evolved from its roots from not only being one of the standards of RTSs but to evolve and become dominant in two other genres (MMO and Card game). its a pretty powerful franchise and one that i hold dear. although i am done with the MMO i still hope for the day we will see a true Warcraft 4 sequel. ...

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