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OMG so awesome!

My favorite Persona game!

1. Persona 2 Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment
2. Persona 4
3. Persona 3
4. Persona 1

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Say what you will about FFXIII but the chapter 12 opening cutscene was stunning.

All my friends who don't care about FF were so amazed lol

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Eh yeah the beginning was CGI but the rest wasn't pre-rendered engine footage.

It was the game actually being played off the PS3.

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I dunno if you compare the footage to the open bit of Pulse the cliff and ground textures already look noticeably better at the games current stage. Not to mention there seems to be variable lightning with the whole cloud physics night and day changes.

Oh and the animation of Noctis body and cloth physics are a step up.

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Theres a clear difference imo.

The new design (top) has noticeably less hair at the back and his eyes don't look like they have eye liner on them.

A subtle but very good improvement and I think it would click better with players.

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Versus looks awesome but I'm looking forward to the more revealing trailer at the Fabula event in January. I remember we used to get 7 min trailers for XIII.

As for Agito the battle system really looks amazing. I love the teleportation.

Oh and worldmap and chocobos! The snowy bit reminded me of the FFVI intro.

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Neogaf official comparison thread.

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Poor comparison.

Lets compare 1080P CGI and upscaled video footage on a youtube internet stream with a huge black border around it...

Oh and lol.



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If this doesn't make it obvious that one version is Sub-hd and upscaled then I don't know what to say...



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Fairly obvious from the latest comparison that one version is upscaled from 576p...

Look at the difference in clarity.



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Sorry to break your hearts people but I just downloaded the video file and the resolution of it is 640x360...

This isn't a decent representation on how the game will actually look in full screen HD upscaled....

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Yeah when your TV force upscales the resolution to 1280x720 it will look noticeably worse then this stream.

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These screens have been upscaled from the 360 versions native SUB HD resolution and thats why they look so blurry.

The 360 versions native resolution is 1024x576 as can be seen in this pic http://static.product-revie...

Actual 720P HD resolution is 1280x720p and thats what the PS3 version runs at.

If you save these 360 screens on your computer and ...

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Flop version confirmed.

PS3 owners should still buy it. Had an amazing time with my import, best traditional JRPG this gen.

Also the more the PS3 version sells the more chance Versus will remain exclusive.

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PS3 Version-

360 Version-

PS3 Version - http://p...

Oh dear god those 360 screens look horrendous. My Japanese PS3 version looked amazing...

But damn some of those 360 screens look like Wii quality :\

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eeeerrr dude...

The PS3 retail release looks slightly better and has better framerate then the PS3 demo.

Man N4G really does have some turd members. Elpresador must have been talking about people like you in his latest vid haha.

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Seems like S-E have something to hide regarding the 360 version.

If they can't even take direct screens from the version itself....

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And how does it hold up on both systems? We played both 360 and PS3 versions of the title and thankfully found little difference between the two. Visually, the PS3 version was a little more crisp – but that might have been attributed to the setup of the station we played it on – while load times remained the same for either console. (Battles took around two seconds to begin, and depending on your saved position, between five and 15 seconds from starting menu to playing the game.) Specific det...

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No need to worry fellow PS3 owners.

A simple French to English google translation on the interview reveals that they didn't freely talk about Versus. They were simply asked the question and they responded.

"- Are you still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

It will be a little patient for more information, but that development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII has really picked up since we've finished Final Fantasy XIII, and many designers and...

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