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I feel Alan Wake is like the 360 version of The Last of Us. A lot of people like the game, and i did get into the story part of the game, but i couldn't stand the gameplay.

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Who gives a fuck. No one ever seems to like or care about this show, so why are there so much discussion about it. There are dozens of websites that will be doing their own GOTY. Watch the ones you like.

Maybe before, when this was on tv, i could see people wanting a better representation of the gamer community,(we really don't deserve one) but now that the VGX is just another web show there is no need to care.

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1. Stop buying games that have a history of being broken.
2. When reviewing a game, stop ignoring the technical issues that cause it to be broken, because "when it works it's great."
3. PS4 and XBone have come out.
4. Agree with the microtransactions debacle with MS. I don't think microtransactions and dlc are bad things, but they have to be used wiser than the first bunch coming from MS.
5. Shame on the reviewers who didn't make a bigger...

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Combat and Taz where my favorites.

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^Then I'll wait. I'm doing fine without it. If and when Sony changes their mind I'll be there to pick one up.

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I was so close to buying one last night with the Amazon deal, but then I was looking at the memory cost. until the memory cards are down to $1 a GB I will have to skip it. :(

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people care about resolutions and frame rates because these are new gaming machines. They want to know the upgrade cost of the new consoles is worth it. The easiest way to see if the value is there is through graphics. The start of last gen both Sony and MS made a lot of 1080p promises, but couldn't deliver. Naturally people thought that this gen 1080p and 60fps was going to be standard. Even though i knew 60fps was never going to be a guarantee, i did think 1080...

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i would guess that the X1 is still a work in progress, and will be for the next few years. Just like the PS3 and 360 had many changes to their OS, so will the PS4 and X1. MS believes that the issues they may be having now can be worked out before launch or shortly after.

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The IT Crowd

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I could only get it down to 20, but I am sure i have forgotten many.

Uncharted 2
Resistance: Fall of Man
Mass Effect
Bioshock: Infinite
The Last of Us
Little Big Planet
Killzone 2
Wipeout HD
Demon's Souls
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dead Space
Valkyria Chronicles
Heavenly Swor...

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most of the ones rated excellent are 20-25" computer monitors. if you order by size, the first tv you come to with an excellent rating is the same Sony tv that CNet gave top spot. you don't get another excellent rated tv until you come to a 32" 720p Samsung.

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This is flamebait. the writer has mixed interviews to make it looks as though Guay is comparing the PS4 to the XB1. He wasn't. In one interview Guay was talking about the next gen being able to do more in the game than the current gen. In another interview Guay is just talking about possibilities in using cloud computing. Nothing about using to make the game better on any other console.

"There are occasions where there will be an advantage(to using the cloud), but it...

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^no dummy, i clicked on a first impressions article so i could see/hear more about the game. i said, "... i am not currently interested in Knack. i just haven't seen anything about the game to catch my interest." i have yet to see anything to catch my interest. came to this article to see if there was something i was missing about the game.

not to mention that i didn't just post me not having interest in the game for no reason. i was replying to Smoovekid&#...

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Maybe the cost of producing a sequel to Dragoon would be much higher than the actual profits they would see. the cost needed to produce a sequel that would truly live up to the fans would be high, and i don't see many JRPGs selling more than a million copies these days.

trust me, i want a new Dragoon game as much as anyone, but if we do end up getting one it will be on the Vita, or similar sized scale game.

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i don't dislike the game because i haven't played it, but i am not currently interested in Knack. i just haven't seen anything about the game to catch my interest. i doubt i will be getting a PS4 before a year after launch anyways, so i guess my interest in the game matters even less. though if i do pick in late 2014-2015 i might pick up Knack on the cheap and let my daughter play it with me.

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"...These kids, they don’t realize what they’re doing. They don’t understand the implications. They don’t understand.”

that's your fucking job as a father to teach him these things. if he doesn't understand this at the age of 19 you have failed as a parent.

i get sick hearing older generations complaining about the current youth generation. they where raised by the one or two generations before them, so if they are failing it is because of those...

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if you have 7 don't. if you have Vist or XP then get off your ass and upgrade that shit.

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because of the early zeitgeist of hating the OS for a lack of a start button, and having a touch functioning home screen. now most of the people hating on Win 8 haven't even spent time using the OS so they cling onto those same uninformed opinions - championing their ignorance like it is something to truly bestow online.

truth is, if you have Win 7 there is no reason to upgrade to Win 8, but if you have an older version of Windows go for 8. 8 does a lot of what 7 does as ...

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i think they discontinued the $299 model.

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