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Is Giant Bomb an IGN Killer? The answer is hell yes.

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That's pretty crazy, you can almost hear the door slam shut on a Mirror's Edge sequel.(I know they didn't make it but I am saying, if Dead Space isn't profitable then ME sure as hell won't be).

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Damn, why not just rename the game to Batman DLC City? Jeez, so much leaked and announced DLC for this game and it's not out yet.

I am fine with this kind of DLC though, but I am just saying.

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Well if Brother's Till The End is any indication then sure, but none of us know for sure.

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Hey, why don't you donate half of your paycheck to other working people every month, see how well that goes. Xbox Live makes a ton of money for MS and I am just sure they are going to give that all up for no reason. -_- Talk of a free xbox live is one of the dumbest gaming discussions this gen.

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The black character with the red shirt reminds me of Freight Train aka Cleveland's Dad from The Cleveland Show. lol

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I wouldn't use the word prodigy, he's just good at a casual fighting game.

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I guess in the world of XBLCG reviewers, girl=sex. Check it out sometime, anything with a girl in it or on the cover equals sex. -_-

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The problem with conviction and people asking for stealth is that those people aren't talented enough to stealth in conviction. -_- It's possible, maybe not the entire game but most of it i'd say.

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I have a feeling this will be a reboot, different hero, different time period. Fable as we know it is done, at least I hope so. I am sick of Fable as is, it needs to change everything about it but still be Fable.......... -_-

Fable: A New Chapter Begins
Fable: A New Hero Is Born
Fable: The key to a woman's heart...... is farting.
Fable: Kill a man's family, fart and all is forgiven.
Fable: Take my hand while I kill you with my dog.

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It's Vanille! Well gaaaaawddamn!*slaps knee*

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Dem Grafix!

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Next up! Top 5 Barefoot Characters.

Tomorrow! Top 5 Games Where The Character Can Eat A Hamburger.

Wednesday! Top 5 Game Characters With A Nick Name.

Thursday! Top 5 Games Where The Voice Actors Are From Daytime TV!

Friday! Top 5 Fighting Games That Have A Character Wearing Knee High Socks!

-_- Oh Top 5, you so crazy. -_-

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Really? Really PC Gamer? I mean I dunno man, I was thinking that a six year old console's tech would be significantly better looking than current PC tech. -_- *looks up at the sky* OH SNAP!! The sky is blue?! DAMN! I thought it was black. PC Gamers, I swear.

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All I know is it changed my face from happy to indifferent. So, I dunno.

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Well, there aren't any Mario games this year so it has a fair chance. I doubt it though, I mean it's just Uncharted 2 with more flair but most games out this year are sequels, so maybe, but I doubt it, it will somewhere........... you know what? This is stupid!

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Day 1!

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This whole race and gender thing in gaming is starting to get on my last nerve, seriously. -_-

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I was wondering why not make her look more like the voice actress, it would make more sense than what we got. Oh well, my voice doesn't matter since I am a 100% default male Shep player.

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Is this all SNK Playmore makes?

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