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Games used to have cheats for invincibility and that was fun. Not being able to die in GTA with 5 stars or the first Driver where the police would go so nuts trying to destroy you that they would clip themselves out of bounds. I welcome options like this.

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Very Hard Mode: All the crates he has to carry will be covered in vaseline. Good luck.

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Imagine if it had been like the initial trailer suggested

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Grabs popcorn...

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And that's 60 dollars. £70/€80 is $95.

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That actually sounds like an interesting coop idea. Has that not been done before? One controls the movement, the other the gun? Reminds me of the IGN Linked Together series.

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I really hope there won't be a part 3. I always thought that the first one was a perfect story that left moral questions for a reason. I really didn't like the senseless hate and the sociopolitical commentary in Part 2 until I finally finished it last weekend and the story basically told me "yeah, you're right" which left me unsure how I truly feel about it.
One thing that I think could work is a Lost Legacy type shorter game that is a prequel with Joel and Tess...

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@Zeref The number of games is important but not as important as the quality. You claimed it would be "the best year in ANY console History ". I understood that as being console history in general, not one specific console (so we're talking about different things).

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This looked like some sort of weird mod based on the first game. I loved BOTW but there was a lot to improve on. I truly hope the sequel isn't just a few tweaks with a new map but a leap in features and possibilities.

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I suggest you have a look at what was released in 2007. Nothing has beaten that year since then in my eyes.

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It's nice to want things.

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@Orchard So it depends on what you connect to your xbox? That's a weird business model.

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Do users have to pay for the license?

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I remember when renting games was made illegal in Belgium because there was no legal rental license for games and the legal system was too lazy to set one up. So they just made it forbidden across the whole country. That was about 12 years ago...

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That's needed more than anything else is for it not to cause nausea. The teleportation solution is disorienting and very impractical. I'm capable of gaming for hours on a 27" monitor that completely absorbs me and my vision and not get sick but 30 minutes in Skyrim VR and it's enough to put me off for months. And that's unfortunate. There must be something physiological that hasn't been figured out yet.

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At least that giraffe got some action too.

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What's wrong? That means they're worn in 😏

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Goodbye GTA

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@elazz good to know that site. But 70 euro (or 67 in this case at the moment) is still way too much. During the PS4 gen, I bought my games on the US PSN store for 60 dollars. And I'll continue to do that because 70 dollars is still cheaper than whatever you find locally (except the voodoo stores Kornholic shops at 😁)

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How did you manage that? I live in Belgium and the cheapest place for physical games is but on there it is still 80 euro. With ps4 it took years before the amazon prices became more reasonable.

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