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We need new consoles ASAP imo. Yeah, Uncharted looks amazing, but games like that are the exception rather than the rule.

Bring on the next console generation I say.

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They should be giving this shit out for free.

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A Phoenix player won, big surprise...

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Vergil is what they need.

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"Fantasy XIII-2 is Better than XIII"

That's not very hard to do considering...oh forget it.

As a longtime fan I would love for the FF series to return to what it once was.

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I had to take a second look to make sure it wasn't a girl...

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Fatal1ty should have been on that list instead of the Halo player.

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Still should have been a single player SWKOTR game.

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Yeah MP on PC is pretty dead now because of all the cheaters and bugs in the game.

Pretty sad considering the game can be quite good.

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Some of the vanilla C2 shots are just embarrassing.

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Game deserves this score. Most buggy game I've played in a while.

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The MP for PC doesn't even work properly up to now. Hackers are running rampant, there are numerous connection issues, and some perk resets are STILL not addressed.

Waste of money.

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The MP on PC doesn't even work properly. Game is in a beta state. It's isn't worth $60.

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They just don't know :)

Steam is awesome btw, just saying.

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Best RPG of all time.

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Capcom has no shame. Not supporting this.

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If you like Zelda and you like GoW, then buy this.

Trust me, it's really good. I bought it on the last sale and was surprised by how good it was.

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Well done, N4G.

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Characters that were intentionally delayed so that gamers could be swindled.

Stay classy Capcom.

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