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To be honest with as much crap DMC got I feel like it had the most potential to collectively turn into something great. The ending could have made for endless possibilities in terms of "What's Next" for the character, but now the next game will likely be Capcom's attempt to make up for whatever the fans where complaining about with the latest installment to the franchise.

So I don't see moving forward for the game or for Dante's character in a whole ...

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To be honest there should be some new characters announced if this is supposed to be the new Generation of the MK Universe. I admit though some of the newer characters look a bit rocky and don't seem to have as much staying power as the old, but still if enough time passed for Sonya and Cage to have a kid who enters MK then what about everyone else?

If the MKX comic is any indicator of another new character who might be cool. Takeda would be one. I like the idea of Scorpi...

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Instead of keeping this a little niche thing I think whoever is responsible for this should present this to Sony. They could definitely make bank from something like this. Unless for some reason Sony doesn't like the idea.

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I can't speak for everyone else, but I was born in the late 80' first console was a Nintendo and I've been actively gaming and enjoying myself ever since on multiple systems without very many complaints...and I gotta say that the shit that's been going on in the game industry lately not just via social media, but with developer and publishing company choices to just give the consumer the middle finger in so many ways is really making this generation hard to enjoy.

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I stopped playing Destiny during the first Queen's Wrath event. I still remember the night I stopped so well...I was standing in the hud world breaking up a bunch of weapons for salvage not necessarily because I wanted to upgrade anything just because I was tired of them taking up inventory space all of a sudden it dawned on me that everything I was getting at max level was completely useless to me and it had been that way for awhile, I didn't want to get anymore Legendary Weapons bec...

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Okay. Well guess what game I won't be buying? Actually I think I have this as a free PS Plus title from many months ago that I planned on playing, but never got around to it..and now I never will.

Yes...gamers definitely want to see some anti-gamer feminazi bigot immortalized in their most beloved source of media. Sheer stupidity on their part and complete disconnect from a subject they knew nothing about and should've just ultimately stayed away from.

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This kind of .... "Thing" .... is getting so old. I get so tired of seeing and hearing people over analyze individuals creative simply because: "Look at how they represent Females".

If a artist decides to paint a picture who the hell are you to question what shades they use for their colors. It's their vision, not yours and if you don't like it go paint your own damn picture.

To tell them to "Take care to cater to the females ...

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The game is okay to me, I enjoy it from time to time when I would play the beta. It is possible that people are suffering from FPS fatigue though and so they are critical about every little thing in the game.

I've taken a step away from playing them so often for awhile now and as a result Hardline felt kind of's not a substitute for Battlefield 5 by no means, but it's fun enough and gets it's point across. Against CoD AW, Destiny & Evolve (...

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Guns without attachments always have ridiculous recoil in BF. Except for pistols.

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Wow...I've played the beta on both releases and all I can say is: if THIS game is even considered to be a candidate for GOTY 2015 I will seriously, SERIOUSLY be disappointed in the gaming industry and what it has become.

This game is mediocre at best, and yes while I've only played the beta I'm not foolish enough to believe that my $60 will suddenly make the game "Evolve" into something that it's not. There will be some polish with the controls and w...

3033d ago 14 agree2 disagreeView comment bad it's not even funny. Horrible article clearly driven by so much SJW nonsense it's not even funny. Whoever allowed this to be published should be ashamed of themselves. Got no ethics.

Oh and quit trying to make it seem like Women who play games are sooo helpless and so unable to make their own decisions on what games to play and "Oh, it's so hard! So many button's to press" it's embarrassing.

No real gamer cares...

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I was hoping to see Frost in MK:X, but it's unlikely since in the last issue of the comic she is set up to fight Cassie Cage in that MMA Death Match. Someone has got to die and it's obviously not going to be Cassie, unless Cassie wins and doesn't Finish Her and Frost wants revenge or something like that.

To be honest I am enjoying the comic a lot and I hope it continues after the games release. The story with Scorpion and Takeda was pretty interesting.

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I kind of see what he is saying about player movement. I don't know about swimmy, but I despise games that push for so much realism in movement to where your character can't function correctly and feels stiff and clunky while moving. For example in Watch Dogs or similar games it feels like when your moving you have a ball and chain attached to your foot.

I don't know what that is or if it's even framerate related, but I prefer things to play smooth and be cons...

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I hope so...please if it isn't going to be worked on by Kojima's team let Platinum Games work on it again that team has so much potential and are quickly becoming a name easily recognizable for me as pure unadulterated gaming fun. Giving them a shot to make Rising 2 on two really powerful consoles there is no telling what it could turn out to be.

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Ugh, Capcom is so damn frustrating to deal with. Don't even know why I bother anymore. They parade Deep Down around to the Western Audience at Playstation 4 Events delay it indefinitely and begin saying they still aren't sure about a Western release.

Then news starts floating around about Dragon's Dogma Online...Sony console exclusivity and PC release and I figure oh well even though they say it's F2P I'll still try it out. I can deal, I barely buy DLC any...

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Wow I didn't see this coming, I actually use Spotify having it accessible on the PS4 will be much appreciated.

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Nope. I haven't even played Dead or Alive. I just saw screenshots of the game and decided to make a post about it.

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To be honest I'll play the game...I don't really care if it's F2P or not. These kind of things don't surprise me anymore so I can't find the energy to complain about them I would rather have DD2, but as I said I'll play regardless so...

Also since it's console exclusive to the Playstation & PC maybe this means there will be cross platform play. Of course I saw someone make a comment about "So if I have a XB1 I need a console to play the ex...

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Yeah I got to agree. The tagline was "I'm a Fighter" in the beginning right? Which was kind of a settle way of acknowledging the DOA game being known to have fan service, but it was no substitution for actually delivering a solid fighting game experience.

The nature of the DLC and all it's iterations have kind of made a mockery of that despite it being a good game the way it's marketed makes it out to be just eye candy. This in itself will turn people aw...

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Good Luck.

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