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Don't install the Automatron DLC, it will keep the game from starting up on the PS5!

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Stellar Blade is day one purchase for me, Loved that Demo!

Regarding the controversy and gaming controversy in general, people act like these issues are rare and not on going and somehow gaming has always been some bastion of freedom.
Notable controversies: All the bans on Pinball machines were not lifted till the late 70s.
Custer's Revenge was banned for sexual and demeaning content and those character's were made up of about 8 pixels, still prett...

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To quote Phil Spencer in regards to Helldivers 2, "this exclusivity helps no one!"

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Microsoft has no choice but to go 3rd party, you don't spend 70 billion on a company with out a strategy to make your money back! The shareholders are in charge!

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Am I missing something?
Was there a bad Spiderman game and I missed it?
This is a stupid click bait of a title/ article, this is Spiderman that they are talking about!!

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Are they trying to insult Christopher Nolan?

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Is there something wrong with having more options to play games, is that what this is about?

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The PC Master Race always have a complaint!

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Isn't this just the writer's problem?
Don't make it ours!

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This guy needs to get out from under his parents DVD/ VHS player

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We the Developer will tell you what is quality: 30 FPS cap and no vehicles. By the way we are only trying to match not No Man's Sky not beat it!

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Bethesda did not start this project as a 60 FPS project so that is why it is a mixd bag on platforms tech wise. I do believe it would have been 60 on the PS5!

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Whatever FPS we tell you is good is the right FPS

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What happens to the N4G podcast?

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There is no excuse for releasing a broken unfinished game regardless of it is a $10 indie game or Cyberpunk 2077. The studio created expectations and they did not deliver, at least fully. I can understand they had obligations to their share holders but they failed their largest contributors, the gamers! The people that actually control their existence and are being marketed to. I feel they made the calculation that they could afford to lose some capitol with their largest contributors and...

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This cake needed to be baked longer in the oven, it just was not ready!

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You don't need a Series X for Game Pass.

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This issue is as tired as Playstation and cross play!

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Lol, 'Bow down bitch'!

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