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It def is the best controller ever made minus its overall stick durability and bad battery life. The rubber on my main controllers left stick is now ripping off. Still have original ps3 controllers that have lasted longer.

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MOD is butthurt lol.

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People still play this?

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This game was announced pretty much in the beginning of ps3s life. So.... are they redoing the entire engine to make it look like a ps4 game or is it just dead? I honestly dont care anymore because even if it does release the hype this game has generated is of legend and will not live up to it.

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I totally agree with wishing samsung would join the race so microsoft can get pushed out of the gaming world and just let innovation flurish.

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They didnt save titanfall. Infact they damn near killed it considering the playerbase for xbox is so much smaller than ps4. Titanfall would have done much better in sales if it released on ps4.

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Yeah, it should have just been called infamous 3, but people love to confuse the masses.

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Theres no right anwser to this because nobody has used either.

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Who the hell needs 4k resolution to play candy crush and age of war?...

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All they need to do is drop it to 350 and the xbone is dead in the water.

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Unity, destiny and watch dogs were bigger fails than the order was though. The order was atleast interesting even though short, unity was to bugged to play, destiny is boring as hell and watch dogs was just... pointless...

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Hes actually one of the most unbiased reviewers around. Not paid off and holds no punches.

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Diablo2 in its prime and than the last of us.

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Your name suits you.

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Crowd funding would be amazing!

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If its free to play without any bs and strings, it would just be a normal AAA game. Buuuuut they are gonna screw you one way or another so they call it free to play. This shit is a joke. Fable is one of xbox only good exclusives and it announced this embarrassment. It would be like naughty dog saying uncharted 4 is free to play. Quit acting like ita a nobal move on microsofts part.

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Physical is best. Fact.

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Your right, thats why its selling fantastic.

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You got ripped off. Coulda built a real pc with that money.

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