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But all parent should be responsible to teach thier kids about racism.

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anyone got a link where to buy it?

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I think 320gb is plenty. It's always good to delete junk.

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is Halo:Reach 720p?

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well maybe that dragon airplane smashing game that was in the Natal trailer.

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I hope they are not shy show other games instead of red balls.

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we can't even buy 3d tv without glasses yet.

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But I think my cheap ass lawer gonna get destroy by a team of super lawers.
Some people are too spoil that they whine about anything. These type of people give restaurant server a hard time.

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ME2 is so awsome when I tried it. It's what FF13 suppose to be.
explore town, world map, real side quest not just run back and forth killing marks. You can get drunk and have sex with aliens.

It's so well made. RPG of the year, I bet on it.

day one on ps3 for sure. I like trophies.

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I'll laugh so hard.

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ps3 is teh doom!!!!/s

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I'll have to wait til my old one die or 3d glasses cost $99.

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As most comment above the only natal demo is richocet and burnout.
Bu bu but far more advance no lag!!!

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the one that create free to play online.

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while chating to Milo.

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somehow PC is not for game to me, I don't quite know why even it's superier.
I think the main reason is the variety of games. In that concole rule.

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jelous hater bash 720p yet they accept 540p.

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Even the motion plus is 1:1, the Wii is so lastgen.

Bu bu bu but the salesss!!! The Wii #1.
You are saying a ford is better than a lamboghini, not that ford is a bad car.

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