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I thought Mission Impossible was a lot of fun for its time era

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MS and Activision are about to make COD a timed console exclusive as payback

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90% of the world are sheep. Im sure you got your covid shot and wore a mask everywhere. Lock downs started in Italy and other European countries first.

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Its probably how they pay for marketing rights

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Nintendo Switch 2 will be out by November 2024

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MGS2 wasn't fun most of the time. It was like reading a long boring story

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Halo 2 was the one that blew up online console FPS. Being able to start a clan that had it own friends list that was separate from your real friends list was nice. But i think Rainbow 6 and Full Spectrum Warrior got the ball rolling first.

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This is great news. It would cost over $400 today to buy the originals C.I.B. It might be a good time to sell your original copies, their price may drop.

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I had a lot of my Xbox 360 friends jump to playstation last Gen because of Call of Duty. And yes that was the only game they ever played

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Sony fanboys try so hard. Its embarrassing. They try to spin everything MS related like they think its going to change someone's feelings about them. All they accomplish is pumping up the other sony cheerleaders. I just comes off as crying to me at least.

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Astyanax on NES was probably the hardest to beat.

Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran difficulty was almost impossible to beat. Unless you got a lucky run. There would be hundred of grenades flying around that explode almost instantly.

Mortal Kombat 2 hardest difficulty was BS. Unless you use cheap strategies to beat the cpu.

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Remember amiibo's or how Nintendo was creating artificial Wii shortages! The Wii dominated the news without even having any good games. Parents most of the time are clueless and listen to what media deems popular or sold out.

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N4g has primarily a European user base. And they hate USA products.

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Netflix banned Russia. They lost 700,000 subscribers. Without that they would of been up in subscribers. Plus covid temporarily increased their numbers dramatically. Netflix isn't going away anytime soon

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I like how Sony took advantage of the console shortage.

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lol sad

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I used to spend $50 dollars a month renting games from blockbuster 15 years ago. Game pass is cheap as fuck.

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The price is the problem

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Its a good price. Try to get these three games for under $100 total on SNES.

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