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Hardcore clickbait, sorry they're GODS. Has this guy ever played a GOW game? They have always opened up with an insane boss battle, and this one is more tame than some of them. GOW3 has you thrown a few miles off the tip of a titans fist thrown hundreds of miles an hour and this is too crazy? You can punch in game sir, and do some crazy stuff but it is a set piece so yeah some of it is a bit crazier, but who cares? Oh Yeah, you do for views. It was a fantastic opening boss fight showing y...

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Eh, get some used parts and it will still be expensive, but not by much, and really over power the X. Take a i7 that is at least Sandy Bridge for 90-110, a 50-70 dollar Mobo to match, a used GTX 980 for 220, or a RX 480 after the bs mining phase, a 500 watt psu for 40, 8 gigs of ram for 20-40, a case 30-any, a $50 hard drive and bam, out powers the power of the X for around $50 more. You can also rock many other things to reduce the price, I added up the most expensive things just to do so. O...

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4k console can't play everything in 4k. It is as much a 4k console as the Pro, just a more efficient at it. Still, it is the most powerful console and it is well known. Annoying how many of these super obvious articles mainly just on hype are out essentially daily.

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@WildDonkey, Customized doesn't say how much it is changed. It is underpowered. Clockspeeds aren't as important as architecture, but regardless, the low clockspeed will affect it. It is essentially 90% a Jaguar CPU. It will hold things back.

Many games aren't CPU bound, but a lot of them need a decent CPU to hold down stability. Even in DX12, which puts more load onto the GPU than CPU, games still need a decent CPU.

@PFFT You can say the same ...

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Damn, what a honor. I can't wait to play the game myself, been waiting on a good time period to play it. So far, New Vegas, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Skyrim/Oblivion, Dark Cloud 2, Kotor II, FFX, Chrono Trigger, and Witcher 3 are on my list of best RPG's ever. Love RPG's though, so my list can go on, but i'd say those are the ones that I have either influenced me a lot, replayed a lot, or put a ton of hours into.

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@timotim? I can get more from a console than from PC? I can produce music? Use any controller I want? Dedicated microphone/headphone setup? Quick and efficient multitasking? That is just a short list... The CPU is really gonna hold it back sadly.

@sd11 It isn't going to be comparable to a 1070 due to it being based off an AMD GPU and out dated CPU. Tflops =/= real life performance and people on here never understand that. The GPU is more comparable to a RX 480/580 to Tf...

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Photorealism is achieved now. Most games now you can stop and take a picture and it looks pretty damn real. BUT In motion they don't look as real, but are fairly close.

Tflops doesn't measure actual performance either. The GTX 1070 = the RX 580 in Tflops, yet the 1070 performs way better.

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I'm not denying that at all mate. Yes it did. But diminishing returns really start showing around this point. The difference between the OG PS4 and One sometimes was 720p vs 1080p or a more stable framerate.

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Just so people know, "flops" doesn't reflect real world performance.

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Man these comments. Literally people fighting over Xbox One X putting out a bit more pixels than the Pro in a few more games, which is stupid af because the X still can't push 4k on every game and they both have true 4k games. Literally the dumbest arguments I have seen in awhile. I called it a long time ago that the X is still not going to be able to deliver "true 4k" to every title which why care? I just wish consoles would chase framerates more. Don't know why they can...

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The price of it is kinda cash grabby. I mean $40 is very steep since they are charging for DLC. Either it is $30-40 with DLC or $20-25 where you pay for DLC. Oh yeah, and Microtransactions. Not like they make enough money as it is.

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To handle newer more complex games in general? Higher framerates? Most PC gamers I know with crazy rigs own 2k 144hz monitors so they play at a great resolution that is hard to differentiate on a 27" monitor from 4k and a high framerate.

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My issue is with how fast Spiderman is, it's gonna look choppy without more frames man. The people complaining don't hate games cause of a bad framerate, but they just much prefer a better framerate to visuals and anymore, people freak out over visuals too much. People asking/wanting things/features in a video game aren't toxic, they are consumers that just want some variety in the product they're buying and they simply want the best experience that developers can offer.

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Funny thing is, many R&C fans complained about the framerate.

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What sucks is, you're right. People give too much shits for visuals over a good framerate. I definitely prefer frames over visuals.

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Man, it needs a good framerate. Flying through a city extremely fast would be very choppy feeling if it wasn't at least 45 fps.

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My setup uses a TV, coolers/fans come with 99% of processors and cases, you clearly don't know how building works. Plus the same argument could go, "buy a controller, PS+/Live, Sales aren't as frequent, these things add up".

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My buds $700 I built with a RX 480 plays 4k 30 on most games, but he rather have 60+ fps at 1080p. You bought a pre-built didn't ya Frost?

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That's still crazy lies. 30fps 4k on a mulit-thousand dollar setup is laughable. They'd be able to push 60+ fps on a dual GTX 1080/1080ti setup @4k or 144fps on @2k. Hell a similar spec'd PC you could at least OC and it'd run better. Tuning only goes so far.

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4k at 30fps in most titles at who knows what settings.

It can and has been done.

Yes you definitely can, that is bullshit.

Playing in 4k is easier than you think, I believe the settings on consoles are turned down to run the higher resolution like some people do on their PC's though most would rather run a better framerate. 4k 30fps isn't that special compared to playing 60fps+. 4k is just a marketing thing right now.

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