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How the hell did this get approved ? It is obvious the fan boys will stick to their console of choice & I am going with both

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Live lets you have 100 friends heh

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How about split screen online multiplayer ?

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I highly doubt Microsoft actualy views this as a consolation prize. That's more the writer of this article saying that then Microsoft

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MGS4 will be forgotten by the time Gears 2 & Resistance 2 comes out that the only people that will care about that are just the Sony & MGS4 fans which is not saying much

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I don't know why everyone is ragging on Microsoft. Everyone copies from the competition even Sony & not just Microsoft & even Sony has said stuff that they later have regretted. Sony is no better then Microsoft when it comes to this type of stuff & especially with having loud mouths

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This is an opinion & not fact & this goes for all fan groups not just Sony's

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So EA is going to start doing Console Exclusives now ? Interesting I wonder how much money Sony coughed up

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Why are all of the Sonians blaming Microsoft for Sony refusing to pay for exclusivity ? Microsoft is just doing what any sane company would & the one to blame here is Square for not being able to turn down Microsoft money offers. Microsoft is doing what Sony should be doing. The ones to blame here are Sony & Square & not Microsoft

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Square wants to win over "Western Gamers" which they will NOT with the PS3. This has nothing to do with Japanese Gamers its the media & certain fan base (should be obvious which one) putting those words into Microsoft & like someone said Square started with Nintendo first. So you gamers supporting the specific fan base better get used to this

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Remember guys Square has said plenty of times that they want to "win over the Western Market" & they will not be able to do that with the PS3 since the install base is not enough in the Western Market yet

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Did I read that right ? Star Ocean 3 is a 360 Exclusive ? Awesome & for anyone saying release these state side

All three RPGs will be globally released in 2008-2009. I guess this is how Square is going to try & win over the Western Markets like they want to

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I hope Rockstar knows what they are doing & that when they signed the contract I hope they did not agree on a specific release date because then Microsoft will probably end up suing & get that 50 Million Back

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This game needs a name change like Wolverine said. There is still time to change the name so lets hope they do it & I believe there is speculation that there will be more Star Wars characters added through downloadable content & no doubt that Darth Vader & Yoda are just timed exclusives & there will more then likely be Special Editions featuring all characters in the game once all is said & done

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Every big Blockbuster new game has an "Internet Madness" before it comes out. MGS4 will fade away in due time

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In other words EA will probably end up owning Rockstar & L.A. Loire will end up going Multiplatform if they can not comment on the game & the fact that there has been no news for a long time

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He better hope the fan base alone is big enough to make this game a decent buck (no fan base is though) if its not for gamers in general. A thing for just a fan base can kill that thing

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About time

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Will the DRM fix be limited to Arcade Games ? What about the XBOX 1 games ?

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How is that so heyheyhey ? Especially since launch the 360 has had in game music / in game messages / in game invites / private chat while in game / video chat / & chatting while doing anything else & trophies are just rip offs of achievements. The 360 has had all of this since launch

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