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Gameplay's looking great, really solid and more fun than the vast majority of RPGs.

I was a latecomer (understatement) to the first game and I struggled to get into it because it was dated visually but there was still a lot to like. No such problem with the new game graphics are very good.

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Is it really that good? I doubt it. Good DLC no doubt but Blood & Wine was special.

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I watched the trailer and it was disappointingly normal looking. The bosses being called Steve and Nigel was about the weirdest part.

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Zero chance that Xbox is more profitable than PS and we find out about it from a leak rather than them shouting it from the rooftops. There's a reason they're always coy about talking about profits and only mention revenue.

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Pretty cool. If it was a live action tv show I'd watch it.

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Well. That looks amazing.

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This makes it sound like FF16 has tanked the company when in reality it's one of their few recent successes. I don't normally advocate for acquisitions but I think SE would be a sensible purchase for Sony, they have good franchises but need better direction. Way better.

Considering this news this would be the time to pick them up on the cheap.

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Cool that you can upgrade your P Organ.

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I assumed it already was.

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Looks cool. I love how many Metroidvanias there are these days, spoiled for choice.

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There's a limit before you get bored like any game but it was a lot more than 30 hours for me. Great game to chill out with and searching for the perfect ship and maxing it out took a long time and was a fun target to work towards.

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Well that's what they're going for. There's more to it than ticking a few boxes though.

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One to keep an eye on. Looks a bit Lovecrafty.

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The whole inappropriate comment thing on here is a farce. Totally used as a 'political' tool and not as intended.

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The 10/10 reviews I'd say are getting a bit carried away for whatever reason but 5/10 seems too low. I think it's a bit of a misfire but a fairly solid game.

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Why didn't he say that then? It's not a difficult statement.

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Clearly making excuses. Boundaries and invisible walls in a space exploration game are a good thing. Hmm.

I can understand the necessity for it but let's not try to pretend it's something positive.

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If you've played NMS and Fallout I doubt you're missing much.

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Yeah it's PR or an attempt at it, but even so I don't know what he's trying to say.

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I'm curious about what completing the main story supposedly does to get the overall game going. Is it a special weapon or a different way of getting around or something? If you can do side quests from the start, which of course you can, I don't see why it wouldn't 'get going' right from kickoff.

It's an odd comment for sure.

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