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Nice looking game by the way, I'll be checking it out for sure.

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Considering that the lines below are present in the ini's, I would say that a ps3-version has been or still is under development.

+EditPackages=OnlineSubsystem Live
+EditPackages=OnlineSubsystem PC
+EditPackages=OnlineSubsystem PS3


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Shut up you dutch asshippie.

Find something more creative to say than all of those generic bot posts.

Oh yeah, here's a dollar. Go and buy yourself a life.



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Are you a preacher or something?

Funny that most of the people that signed the petition said they couldn't afford a ps3 and wanted ff13 for xb360 cause of it though. Lol.

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It's quite funny that the word "fanboy" is actually mentioned at least 9+ times in each of the newest news.

Oh by the way I think this article was aimed at the games coming out around christmas and just after christmas.

So why does everyone keep mentioning the games that are *out* already?

If it's about the games that are coming around christmas or just after, then they ps3 obviously win.

If it's about the games that were o...

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Don't blame Mart for his stupidness, he's a dutch Xbox fanboy that didn't get his mothers attention.

Come on guys, don't disagree at his post, he might go for his wrists.

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He came.

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Saying that the entire playstation brand is a joke is just utterly retarded.

Even if Sony had minor challenges in one generation, they still succeeded with Playstation 2 and Playstation 1 and PsP.

If you hate all those consoles your just a stupid fanboy that don't know what good consoles or games are.

(And stop with the Lemmings comment, it's getting rather old, don't you have anything else?)

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This is an english forum, please use proper english.

Thank you.

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at least it's not as useless as you are.

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Looking forward to Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 also.

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Go back to your *Fap Fap* session you degenerate midget.

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And you and your xbot alliance keep trolling around the ps3 news section desperately looking for the attention your mother never gave you.

I'd like to order a big cup of breast milk for MART, he needs it badly.
Anyone know the number to the hospitals pregnancy department?

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Go and get laid, this is the ps3 section, no need to impose us with your nonsense, or buy a ps3 and be happy, since owning a 360 seems to give you a whole lot of time to troll around here.

Must be great having a sucky console.


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Bioshock = PC
Gears of war = PC

Why would anyone buy the crappier versions of those two above mentioned games for 360 when you can buy a cheaper better version for PC?

Oh yeah, just noticed you are from Europe (?), no wonder you take a defensive position against everything that has anything to do with 360, it's doing pretty badly in Europe.

Crawl back into your hole, stupid bot-plug.



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Shut the hell up and go have some more anal prodding action with Gates you ugly bumface.

On a side note, Tekken 6 is looking amazing just like any other Tekken game.

It's just too bad that Mart and the other bots have to few good news in the 360 area, so they gotta come in here and be a bunch of annoyance's.

Tekken 6 will stay exclusive since it's more than enough capable of selling a satisfying amount that way.

Virtua Fighter?, well...

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They sure manage to make some great graphical wonders on the Wii considering that it's not the most graphically proficient console.

Although I prefer the ps3 I can't deny that this is one of those games that makes you wanna buy a console just to play one single game.

A next-gen Super Mario game in all it's glory.

Simply gorgeous.


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Just for japan. It might come to US though, but I kinda doubt it.

It for sure wont come to EU though, since those French fairies wont play any game unless it's in French, they wont release a game in just one EU country.

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It fits the ps3 case way better.
I hate that Hulk-green color.

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