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i gues kojima don't even want to waste his money to make xbone disc for this game in japan

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if this game isnt out already, ppl will things all of these pics just a bullshot, a scam try to sell the game

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this plus photomode show how confident SP have with thier creation

damn awesome

watch_dog better top that quality or else ubisoft will face blood bath everywhere

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is this real life

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because if you replay that game, some cutscense just boring as F

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dude, we don't like chinese either, over thousands year we had war with chinese, over hundreds year we fought with french and japanese and dozen year later we fought america

but now we still use thier production, political mean sh in consume mind, we choice something we prefer the most

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*andrew house come to stage*

"10 million"

*drop mic*

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lol, take me a little longer to remember who that character is

god, toriyama did a good job to creat so many un-memory-able in just one game

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i don't think ND will do the remake, there will be high chnace that bluepoint will do it, they did excellent job with all the HD remade in the past

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lol, it will be freaking hilarious if the HD version of this game come out and take other GoTY rewards for this year

TLOU still get reward recently so there will be a chance that this game will fly high 1 more year if sony do it right

i know many of 360 only ppl jump ship to PS4 will get this game for sure

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i tell you, i just play to the point i got 2nd power (to busy with DS2) and man, it's awesome, watching other ppl play is one thing but to be able control that power all by yourself is a different

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NDP march going to be fun

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my guess, they are prepared for PS now?

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samething for me with final fantasy and kingdom heart

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i remember back then there is a RPG dragon ball in SNES era, and i completly in love with this game, only downside it this game never see english release (or i never see one)

i like DB series but dont have interrest in fighting game so i skip them most of time

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if this happen too much, you and i will join smart phone and tablet soon

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lol, ppl piss at 12 month price drop too and now you think 3 month is acceptable?

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lol, irony that, they are the one to reach 10 million first, then got caught by Wii, now even PS3 number surpass them

lastly the 10 million come back and bite them in this gen, maybe it's karma huh?

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so i see you live in either tier 1 or 2 country (arcord to MS) which need some sites like vgchart to jugde your prediction, right?

because in some part of the world which consider f*ck you tier (also arcord to MS) gen 7 is just started, and in this world PS and football game have a huge impact, and i don't think vgchart bias can track these things

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i know that DW series is a f*cking casual game but somehow i can't drop that series

maybe because my love with romance of three kingdom novel

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