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Got a good chuckle out of that

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My approach to game reviews is solely to see if the game runs smoothly with only minor issues if any. I usually know within the preview period if it is something I want to play. That being said Boarderlands and Fallout 3 where fun games on the PS3, but those games froze my system constantly to the point it killed all enjoyment of trying to play the game. And from everything I've seen on the game Xenoblade Chronicles X looks amazing and seems to run smoothly.

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LOl_WUT "Heres hoping it gets all the sales it can get, and that it doesnt get overshadowed by all the awesome games coming out for the ps4 and x1. ;"

Just so you know McDonalds have Billions served, but that doesn't take away how good a steak taste.

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You just sound salty as browngamer41 has stated. I for one am looking forward to the game. The size of the gameworld wasn't a determining factor, but it does give me even more to look forward to what I already believe to be a fantastic game.

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Is the only thing people are learning in school nowadays, is how to get offended? This political correct BS needs to stop, it is getting beyond ridiculous. You have jackasses like Anita pretending video games cause rape, and HipHopGamer saying people who don't like the Order 1886 is like racism. The stupidity or eagerness to become a victim needs to stop.

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Strawman argument, I never said all Sony games suck. What I did say was the obvious cheerleader nature of Colin and Greg influenced their reviews of Sony's games.

With that said, I can agree with the reviewer that I think I would rather watch the Order 1886 movie, than play the game that is presented in this review.

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Well, I guess the free pass Sony recieved from Colin and Greg is no more at IGN.

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Wow, Sony must have a ton of faith in this game considering how far in advance they released the review embargo...oh wait.

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I had a PS4 since launch, and have a lot of disposable income, but I will not waste $60 on a 5hr game. It's like PS4 fanboys and girls have no standards. Also if the Order was a Xbox exclusive, N4G would be screaming bloody murder.

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When you want to watch a movie and complete a game, but only have 5hrs to spare.

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Only have 5 hours to complete a game and can't play a game longer than 2.5hrs.

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Yeah, and McDonalds over 99 billion served is a testament to it's quality.

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It's says a lot about the strength of Nintendo as a publisher that they can pretty much support their console with their first party content and no third party multiplats. No knock to Sony or MS, but their console divisions would have been discontinued under the same circumstances.

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I guess "unwantedĺ" means sells tens of millions of copies across multiple consoles.

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I was too busy having fun on my Wii U to even notice PSN was down. Oh well

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I was about 7 years old when I first beat the Legend of Zelda, but I do think developers these days like to oversimplify games removing most of the challenge. A lot kids have gotten used to simple games and would be turned of by the challenge sadly.

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Sales only matter to the sheep who seek validation. People who focus heavily on sales only like stuff because everyone else likes it. If you enjoy gaming, then play what you like.

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The used game market has a large effect on new game sales, that's pretty much why 3rd party publishers wanted MS to force DRM with the Xbox One. Most of the titles on MS and Sony platforms are pretty forgetable once you beat them or play them for a little, which is why within the week of release used copies pop up on the shelves. To ensure publishers continue to make money on their software, they have to price it better than the used copies. Nintendo titles very rarely appear in used gam...

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It's tells me Nintendo can cure cancer, end poverty, eliminate childhood obesity all while delivering 1080p 60fps and haters will still hate.

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@JackBNimble the quote is taken from the source article at Whoever created the headline for N4G miss quoted the 1billion yen, when the actual artlicle states "$1 billion from Amiibo sales in the U.S. alone" dollars not Yen is the U.S. currency.

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