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Are you kidding me? Rpg's usually have the hottest chicks. Look at all the unrealistic MMO girls. The only RPG with ugly women is the Elder Scrolls series and WoW of course.

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Turok the Dinosaur Hunter!. The sequel was pretty damn good too.

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I agree completely that making a stealth game is VERY hard. I am working on a total conversion which has some stealth elements and it has been a big challenge to make the AI smart, yet not too-smart. Stealth is way harder than action.

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The devs that are surviving in Japan are either making games geared for Western players (Dark Souls) or they are hiring Western developers to help them (Konami and Capcom). I have massive respect for Japanese devs but they have been a downward spiral for years now. They need to not worry about their honor and pride and try and expand their horizons.

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I find it comical that you can look at Playboy and get attracted. /S

Women in the media today are no better than game or anime characters with the amount of photoshop and cosmetic surgery around. Everything is fake these days, but that doesn't make things any less arousing. You obviously never would have survived when porn was hand-drawn because there wasn't photography.

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If you don't want people to focus on it, then don't give her a low-cut dress that shows off cleavage. Don't be a hypocrite Ken Levine!

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I honestly have little to no issues with the game on PC. Maybe they should have delayed the console release of the game similar to how they do to PC all the time. In the end, it was about the money.

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Pretty cool, but I could easily do that too. It comes down more to having a good mouse, then being a good pilot. I am not even that good, but flying upside down, under things, and through them is easy if you can make your mouse sensitivity super high.

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Please don't waste your talents on the garbage that is Facebook. That is all.

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All I see is whiny bitching about "how Battlefield 3 is too serious." Whining about how it takes skill to kill things in the jet and about how the game is too realistic is just stupid. I have said it before and I will say it again. THIS GAME IS NOT A SEQUEL TO BAD COMPANY. Stupid console players need to get this through their heads. This game is a return to the glory days of Battlefield, the things that made the series great. If you want your goofy physics and wonky weapons, then wa...

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I am not impressed by her textures which make the characters look like models from a magazine. Too much shiny!

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Resident Evil 5 was trash and I hope whoever is working on the next one doesn't mess it up.

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I wish I could get payed for stating the obvious. 99 percent of gamers could do this guys job better than him.

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@ Soldierone

Wow it is refreshing to see a smart opinion from a console gamer. Usually I get attacked for saying BF3 PC is a much better game. I have a console too (PS3) but if it is done right, I always prefer PC. PC is definitely a look into the future for consoles.

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Alot of people seem to really like 2142. I thought it was only "okay".

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I play on PC, we have never had chat problems. Also have fun paying for the same maps every COD revision. Number of Maps does not outweigh quality of maps. Making the maps for BF3 requires alot more work, so obviously they would have fewer of them. Kharg Island/Caspian Border owns the shit out of anything that COD can throw on the table.

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Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between hacking and a damn good PC player (I am assuming you mean PC). The other day I headshotted 2 people on the run with the KH2002 from about 50 meters. The dude was complaining about hacking, but combined with my mouse, my reflexes are just that fast. I used to get hacking complaints all the time in counterstrike.

The only hack I have seen so far, was one guy on my server wouldn't die. I kept watching my team trying to k...

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It's not that walls don't stop bullets, it's that there is sloppy hit detection on the bullets sometimes. You can see another player who starts firing at you and leap down for cover and even if you made it to the cover, sometimes you die. It is related to the fully modeled bullets they use. In a game like COD where this is no bullet drop and no bullet physics, they instead rely on line of sight and "invisible" particle generators. When you try and make it realistic by do...

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The funniest was when I joined a "Clean Server". The admin kept complaining about how the in-game characters swear and how they have a petition going to get that changed. I got banned from the server for saying that Dice has better things to do (like fix the lag and crashes) then worry about whiners complaining about a word spoken in-game.

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Too bad the Anno developers ruined the game by removing LAN mode. I fail to see how if the game De-Syncs in large matches on LAN, that you will even be able to play for longer than 10 minutes without a De-Sync on the internet. Ubisoft tore the bleeding heart out of this game.

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