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The name means nothing, X is a variable that means nothing or means lack of thinking and creativity. Too many XXX

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yeah yeah, as I believed accurately, MS think PC. They are stuck in Windows and PC world. They should have put XBOX as an independant spin-off company, hire game developer to lead to design in all aspects and just own some shares. 0 creativity, 0 design capabilities.
At least Playstation is clear, it is a machine for gaming! What XBOX? BOX for what?? X ??? call it a ...machine also??? ouahaha poor MS they should have partnered with Apple for the design.. Well euh no maybe not (remem...

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That is a bad sign, that would mean that MS sees their console as a PC. Current dev kits of XBX will be sufficient for developers as the new console is just an upgraded machine PC style of current gen....

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The issue lies certainly within the architecture model. Imagine your cloud gaming as a giant console architecture while your machine at home is a core cpu that requires a lot of bandwidth to process graphics, sound etc...Let's take up the most demanding part of the game such as graphics, IA and sometimes sound. You clearly see how fast this happens inside your console CPU/GPU/IOs/RAM/Storage and sound processor for example. Now expand it to a large scale and clearly they did not think thr...

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You know that having the most powerful CPU does not mean better and even faster games if architecture and software not optimized. And here Sony slapped Microsoft on this point multiple times. And honestly Forza is good but not great, I have it playing in 4K on PC and honestly quite boring in the long run.

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Not sure but it looks like no one reported this story:

Or was it click-bait?? not sure but price would make sense

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it is possible thanks to an optimized architecture, having direct access memory without bottlenecks is already amazing together with the GPU., offloading at fullspeed loads of GBytes of data with a high speed SSD, that will be ahead of any PC which keeps pumping power and ghz to compensate the inneficiencies of its architecture model design...this reminds the great Amiga architecture we had back in 1987-88...

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That sounds great and the retro-compatibility with PS4 is a good thing to play existing games libraries, enhanced by PS5, that will ease the waiting for new great games. Wanna try my RDR2 on PS5 with enhancements

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Btw that guy was right:
Excited by the 6tb ssd and psvr2

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Anyone who believes this is how ps5 will look like is an idiot or retarded or else. This is a devkit. We may guess some features but no way the final system will look like this. And honestly I like the retro style lol

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in order to win over xbox fan? actually they do not need to do so but they simply need Sony playstation

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ouahahah XBOX Prime from Amazon ahahaha
I have a better one now: what about XTROLLEY? so they moved from the BOX to the TROLLEY...ahahahaha

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A success??? OUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA I think this is the funniest comment here...well done! you got me here! I believe we do not have the same definition of success...

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I prefer PlayStation yes as a branding rather than X???BOX??????

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Seriously, who in the world want to call a gaming box...a box....??????? apart from MS of course...Oh I have another one: BSODBOX, the BlueScreenBOX, DemocratsBOX, MACBOX??? MACBOX PRO (no offense apple it is more McDonald's...)
I know, I know...the AMERICANBOX!!

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