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With much less performance so that makes sense.

The Steamdeck shines at the lower TDP end but gets absolutely mopped at the high end.

Similar longevity with much better performance is a big win for the Ally X

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Where did they promise allowing you to cloud stream your owned library? Lol anything downloaded to your console you can play remotely anywhere. Don't recall them making that promise.

New tier for gamepass solely due yo call of duty is a garbage move though. They keep shooting themselves in the foot

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At this point why not go with the ROG Ally?

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What is happening in the court of public opinion for Bethesda and the Fallout IP will be an interesting case study in psychology in the future.

Went from a lukewarm reception to Fallout 4 upon release (and generally regarded as a lesser title in the series) to this is a great game and we need moar post a successful TV adaptation.

Went from Bethesda is absolute garbage post Starfield release and they should stop releasing garbage to "we need to shorte...

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And coming to GamePass for free but the haters will say the quality of the game was diminished because its a gamepass title lol

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whoa buddy, love both games but Elden Ring is a masterpiece.

No minigames? -->how would this apply to Elden Ring, when have minigames ever been a thing in the Souls franchise

No playable party members -->The variety of playstyle in Elden Ring more than solves for this

Boring environments -->Have you played Elden Ring?

No actual RPG mechanics --> LOL

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Big fan of Undisputed but being on PC only has limited its reach and it is not without its issues.

Bring on the next Fight Night more competition is better

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It topped charts on steam as a platinum seller where folks had to pay full price to play so despite ratings and reviews the "reality" you are referencing is the reality that Starfield was a financial success.

We can debate whether its a good game and worthy of all the hype it received but what can't be debated is the games financial success.

The game was likely given to over 8 million people via GP subscription and still managed to sell mil...

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@fr0sty the game was a platinum seller on steam where folks needed to pay full price to get the "its only successful because it was on GP" angle is looking extra goofy rn

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@shinoff2183 the game topped steam charts from purchases so what are you on about goofy. It was not given to steam players for free and topped charts as a platinum seller.

We can have our opinions on the game but its financial success can't be understated

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Lol @ all of the cope in the comments.

Yall crap on starfield regularly on here but even Starfield sits at an 83 on metacritic.

Bring that same fire and scrutiny to one of Sony's most anticipated exclusives of the year.

FWIW IGN is cooked and yall should play games yourselves before forming opinions on them

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These games are best played via emulation now anyway and so they are preserved

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hot garbage

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don't disrespect the GOP like that

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@rippermcrip semantics. We all know what the true intended meaning is no matter which words we use or how we dress it up linguistically.

Whether it says "console exclusive" or "exclusive" what this means is ponies and switch owners will not be playing these games

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Lol ponies downvoting because they secretly want Halo to go multiplatform is crazy

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@cobrakai lol that is false.

The local clips are not deleted from your Xbox to make space for game updates...I have a clip from Destiny 1 that is over 8 years old stored locally on my Series X. Yesterday I attempted to install MW3 and was told I didn't have enough space and needed to delete games....guess what that 8 yr old clip is still there.

Yall believe anything they publish in these articles

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Stop the cap. I have had both for years as well.

Once you get over Sony's BC offerings and the slew of JRPGs on the service, the quality of Gamepass's offerings are much better -- especially once we start talking 3rd party games

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Stop the cap. Once you get over Sony's BC offerings and the slew of JRPGs on the service, the quality of Gamepass's offerings are much better -- especially once we start talking 3rd party games

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