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I never undertood the whole representation bs. I'm puertorrican and I have never felt the need to be "represented" in any kind of media.

Maybe I just see myself as an individual first and not as part of a specific group.

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A fucking men to every word you just said.

Real woke people can see through this bs. White knights are p*ssy whipped disingenuous creeps that think that by pandering to everything feminist they'll get some. Haa so thirsty!

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DF have always been bias towards Microsoft. It may sometimes seem like thats not the case when they praise some sony games, but that's cause it'll be too obvious if they didn't. When they do comparisons between base xbox and base ps4 games they always downplay clear differences while in the case of one x and the pro they exaggerate them.

The fact that they made a 1 hour documentary bashing sony is telling enough. Then there was that video they released about how...

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Didn't worked for me. 😫

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Wait, I thought single player games were not viable?

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You should know better judging by your name. Neither DeS nor DS created a new genre. They're just a different take on the Monster Hunter's stamina management based gameplay.

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Walking sim that's been praised because of gender politics bs. Do NOT buy period .

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uhhhhh PSTV? Why would you buy a portable to play it like a console?

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That is and always have been nothing but an excuse. I have one with an 8gb memory that came with it and if a game I want to play doesn't fit in it I just copy whatever game I'm not playing to my ps3 or my pc and problem solved.

The problem with the vita were cheap a$$ so called "gamers" that couldn't pay $300 for it but payed $500 for a less powerful (at the time) iphone. The vita's demographic wasn't kids and people saw it like it was, so natura...

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" If people want "diversity" or whatever, then they need to focus on making interesting characters and putting them in interesting stories that don't rely on their sexuality/gender/race/etc.&quo t;

That will never happen because sjw treat minorities like special snowflakes. They think that normal people are racist and sexist because we don't care about skin color or ethnicity or whatever and judge people on there character and or actions. They, on the o...

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It's worst than that unfortunately. Feeling uncomfortable about a specific situation even trivial could pass as a trigger, but using "triggers" as an excuse to ignore a discussion or a different point of view, that's what grinds my gears. Especially when they think they have a higher moral ground and are dismissive.

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Looks pretty cool, but I hate that developers keep making ps2 looking games for the vita leaving so much potential on the table.

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Gone home was the reason why I stopped listening to ign's podcast beyond. They hyped the game to kingdom come and when I finally got to "play" it it's garbage. Not even a game, more like a interactive story.

Suffice to say that I have no idea how they are making it independently, to me they're idiots.

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That's because xbone fanboys are willing to ride any sony hate bus even if there's a dildo waiting for them on the seat. Anyone with two brain cells to rub each other knew exactly what was happening when they announced the kickstarter for the game.

All this outrage culture bs is nothing but them enjoying their dildo equipped seats.

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Yeah people don't understand that kickstarter is being used now as the new pre-order. Basically is a strategy to garner interest.

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WKC was grossly underrated, I mean the game even had its own social network of sorts, something I haven't seen in any other game.

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I never said it was exactly the same, I just said it's nothing new. Basically they are taking the game camera and manipulating it using some point in the real world image from the glasses camera as a reference and overlaying the game visuals at the same time. If you can't see that then I guess we know who has a higher IQ.

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