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Get the Samsung KS8000 tv. It has a low input lag of around 20 ms with 4k and HDR active.

To those who disliked for whatever reason go to and check out their tv reviews. KS8000 is one of the best 4K and HDR tvs around. Sony has good gaming tvs also well like the X800D at around $600-$800.

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I wasn't expecting 10 AAA announcements. It just seems out of place to hold a conference and not really show off many big titles. Some of the indie titles shown look good as well. Last year's PSX was just more impressive so yea I had higher expectations. It would leave the year on a real high note to show off 1 or 2 big games coming out next year.

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It's fine if they want to give the smaller titles some recognition, but you need to let people know that's what to expect. If we expect a God of War 4 and other AAA announcements, then make it clear that it won't be like that.

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Less can be more, but the price has got to fit it. You don't see $60 indie games even when they have less content (even though some have more than AAA games). This game needed to be $40-$50 for real value. But, it's EA and that won't happen. Heck they have a $70 deluxe edition that gives you early access to 2 guns (can get it in a normal copy) and 2 emotes. Not worth $10 extra dollars at all. The $50 season pass is them just saying here is all the content we wanted to add to t...

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I can understand people's annoyance that the same Kotaku author both praised the game and had concerns from it. However, there's another preview of QB that addresses the same type of concerns that Kotaku did. So it is possible that something might be off by this game. Remedy still has half a year to polish and adjust things though so we will see...see if they change the main guy's face again too lol.

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I don't have an xbox one, but it's good to see that good quality titles are releasing on it as well. This gen has finally started picking up the pace and I don't see much slowing down in the near future.

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It doesn't really matter, but people complained when Bloodborne was a PS4 exclusive from a third party studio. Now everyone seems to be praising microsoft for its exclusives even though those 3 games are third party as well. It is just hypocritical of people is all. It doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't happen to an existing title like tomb raider or street fighter as examples.

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There are no double standards here. If Fallout 4 was announced to release next year then people would still be excited about it. We would be angry then if they never showed us anything on the game and instead just pulled footage away because they thought getting people excited is a bad thing. Nintendo should have never shown any of the Zelda footage last year if they only intend to keep it under the radar again. Their console is lagging way behind and this game is something they desperate...

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Because Zelda wasn't there :P

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I hope it does release on NX because I have not bought a Wii U, but I would rather save up the money for what will hopefully be their "come back" system. I've already played Smash bros and Mario Kart on my friend's system so I think I got my feel for the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X might even get a re-release on NX.

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I get what you are saying Nintendo, but you went into E3 with barely anything else to show for the Wii U so pulling awesome footage of Zelda is such a fatal flaw. Seeing the game in action would only stimulate people to actually buy your console. Games like Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. are releasing next year, but I highly doubt that fans are super bummed out by that. I'm betting though that Zelda will also release as a launch title for your next title so I w...

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So the wii u has enough power to be able to run a game like the witcher 3 without the devs having to down scale it? It can run the division exactly the same way as the other two consoles? Graphics may not be the main argument, but the wii u has not produced any game that can compete with those two games on a graphical scale. It probably can't play the game just like the other two consoles can. The wii u isn't weak, but it is much weaker compared to the other consoles. That power ga...

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Can the author at least compare X to other RPG titles that are only on the ps4 or xbone. First off, why does it matter if games like titan fall and the order are not open world? Titan fall is a multiplayer game and the order is a story driven game. I can almost guarantee you that the order will have a better story and characters compared to X just because of the way it is set up. Also, we have not seen any gameplay from the order so there can be no judgement on whether or not the gameplay...

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Then why are Sony's games like the Last of Us and Uncharted winning GOTY, but Nintendo games are not? Nintendo is more consistent in quality with their games compared to Sony, but Sony's absolute best studios can easily make a game that beats any Nintendo game.

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I doubt we will have 128 gigs of memory for the ps5. It will either be much less memory or a different format that can replace it. We'll find out in about 10 years lol.

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Looks like killzone shadow fall will be the fps to go to for single player.

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Sony own Naughty Dog so no Naughty Dog are staying with Sony.

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Hang in there. Greatness will be with you before you know it.

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@nickomatic666 You seem to forget that those indie games aren't published by Sony. So Sony still has 15 unannounced exclusive games made by their studios. So ps4 gets those 20 exclusives plus all those indie games.

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So you're saying they wanted the game to be 900p instead of 1080p from the start. That is such a total lie. If they could get the game to play in 1080 properly they would have done it.

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