Two guys walk into a bar. I SHOT THEM.
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Oh really. Explain to me about the sick iPhone selling run in Japan, if it's all about the Japanese culture. *MAYBE*, just's *gasps!* a measure of 'QUALITY' and not spam?

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"54,813 very happy people. That's all that matters."

Why would you think that's all that matters? Is that all that matters to Microsoft? To Phil Spencer? To Nintendo & SONY? How naiive; people like you will say *ANYTHING* to win a debate... :-/

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Hmmm...the PS3 Cell held the gaming community back. Not another generation of a 9.5gb DVD used for Xbox 360 vs a 50gb bluray disc on PS3. That didn't have *ANY* ramifications on the quality of games, last gen... :-/

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You know what's funny? In the past year, SONY has exclusive current gen console versions of USF4 and the upcoming sequel Street Fighter 5; both to be used in major competitions on PS4's. Also, the most successful console game series ever (COD) on one of the biggest video game competition stages in the world (e-sports) have also signed a deal for PS4 being their main console of choice.

With all that being said, *NOW* is the time to promote Xbox One Exclusive Professi...

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I'm gonna say what other people aren't willing to say: "illegal hardware" sounds like a modded Xbox One. Just sayin'... :-/

Sounds like 'Microsoft 2013 Remix' to me...

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Oh, do I have some remake ideas for your @$$, SONY:

Phantasy Star remake
O.N.E. remake
Grandia remake
WeaponLord remake
ESwat remake

These games would be INCREDIBLE, remade using the PS4 hardware...

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What people don't understand is that games sell well a lot of the times due to the "freshness" factor. The hype leading up before launch, developer surprises for the game revealed, conference demo videos...all these things promotes that initial boost of sales at launch.

If the game is bombed-out at launch from other Microsoft-marketed titles (Fallout 4, Halo 5), and after 6-12 months later of "Let's Plays", reviews, and word-of-mouth from owners.....

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@ Death

Since you just wanted to highlight and pounce on one sentence, let's go there.

The "business aspect" of it is the fact that the PS Now service gives the publishers/developers "something", while the notion of BC is supposed to be fan service, i.e. free added feature for loyal Xbox customers. The value of PS Now? Who cares, if you like the rental service and selection, go for it. I was just mentioning how a PAID service will r...

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That's why the "genuine" thing to do would have been an emulation of the Xbox 360 itself for backwards compatibility, like the early PS3's. This "I'll give you BC, but you have to verify this and publisher license that" is more DRM propaganda. If Microsoft would've been straight-ahead and just giving gamers what they "deserve"/asked about BC, you wouldn't have to worry about Marvel licenses, DRM verification, or remaster holdouts (i.e. COD4 ...

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I think it's a fantasy video game, not a political statement. "Let Them Eat Cake"

By the way, at the time of me posting this comment, there are 60 posts on this topic. And it hasn't moved from 80 degrees. While other articles with less than half posts have double the heat rating. Why is that, you think? Yeah, different rules for different groups, I believe...

Stay classy, N4G...

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Then why put that out there for attention, Netherealm? Why is it revealed how ANYONE from the Mortal Kombat community has sex?

Gay. Lesbian. Having sex a certain way. Why do we need to know this in my fighting games???

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"Time to get paid!"

-M.Bison (Rockstar)

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Microsoft needed a drastic streamlined redesign, in comparison to Nintendo & SONY's systems. That's...not good enough (if true).

Also, why isn't anyone talking about this?

The developers of Witcher 3 says it'll take a lot mo...

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Put a playable teaser level of the next series of Kratos (Norse Mythology?), and this remaster will sell like hot cakes...

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Confirm to the gamers that there aren't any microtransactions and that the FINAL GAME graphics don't look like something from the 7th gen, can tell me exciting features for Star Wars. Til that time comes, I'll be skeptical of anything EA or UbiSoft...

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Let's see, now: higher resolution (probably) and exclusive timed Bonus Content? Looks pretty straight-forward to me who I'm running with. can continue to let that inferiority complex set in deeper with multiplats. You know, those 95%+ of games that are released between Pl...

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Why would the developers, or anyone for that matter, implore gamers to not make a nude mod? We want what we want. It's not about what's "right" or "wrong", it's what gamers WANT. "Let them eat cake"...for Pete's sake.


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Good grief. After reading your article, AntDaGamer, I only have this to say to you:

"I don't blame YOU. I blame your for father for CREATING you."

Holy Steaming Pile of Sh*t. This article is just...*smGDh*

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the hype last gen was to buy expensive 1080p HDTV's for bluray movies and the hope of 1080p games. Now that this gen one console has *somewhat consistently* met that criteria and the other one *somewhat consistently* has not, it's not a big deal?! The f*ck you say...take that "smooth frame rate over 1080p" BS somewhere else...

You rather make excuses for them, than demand better by using your wallets?! P...

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They're not a fan of "cinematic experiences", buuuuuuut...they're a fan of "parity".

Look at this game. The YouTube video of this sorry-@$$ game speaks more to me than anything these clown developers can ever say. But you wanna throw jabs on The Order, though...*smGDh*

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