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Agreed. Some successful projects include Project Eternity, The Banner Saga, Amplitude (reboot) and more. High-profile cases like Might No.9 muddy the water for some wonderfully done games.

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I have no idea how, but I got one pre-ordered. I refreshed afterwards and it was gone.

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The VR market is so young, no one really knows how any of the headsets will do. It's going to take time for the VR industry to mature and take hold in every living room. It kind of annoys me how everyone makes this a competition without anything to base "success" on. Let PSVR and the others come out into market first, then we can have discussions on their impact and adoption world-wide.

I personally think that this is the way of the future in terms of how we di...

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I think the only issue I have is that the "core bundle" isn't going to be available for pre-order. Probably due to fear of supply constraints, but still sucks. I'll probably pre-order this bundle and sell off the extra camera and move controllers.

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Yeah, that's a clickbait title if I ever saw one. Here's the full quote:
"Overall my greatest concern has been: can we make good VR games that people will want to play for longer than 20min?. Vive/Oculus make for great E3 demos. When people come to the studio for visits, inevitably we send them off to the VR room for a demo. It offers simple, clear, and relatable experiences that anyone can appreciate.
In reality I see this as a very expensive Wii. The Wii was suc...

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It's interesting how they removed the turn-based aspects of the game. Still looks fun though!

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I can't figure out how I feel about this game. I played the last closed beta and was left with a lot of questions about what I was supposed to do and my goal. It's definitely interesting, but I wonder how they will mold the narrative.

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People need to realize that they are donating money to the cause of the creation of a game, not investing. And as with any other thing you donate money to, be careful that you aren't being suckered in. Research, ask questions, verify facts... this should help make sure that you aren't exploited. I've donated to quite a few Kickstarters and have only had 2 bad experiences (luckily only lost $10 each). Yes, Kickstarter should find a better way to make sure that doesn't happen, b...

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The system was flawed for sure. After annoying the booth people, they told me that they allowed everyone in first thing when the doors opened on the show floor and at the very end. So on Sunday, I went straight to the back as the show floor opened and walked right into a VR demo without reservation. Hopefully next year it isn't as complicated.

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There is a version like that available in the digital store. So whenever you get one, it's there to pick up!

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They are investing their own money in it. The Kickstarter is just to expand the scope of what they can do with internal funds.

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It's only $20 + DLC in the xbox store. Totally worth it!

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@Septic... I am really confused by your constant "Yoshida and Cerny must admit they were wrong" line. They were never 'wrong'. From the quote, Cerny says that it's possible to do computing in the cloud. Everything you saw from the Crackdown demo was physics based (computing) which has nothing to do with graphical fidelity.

Let's all admit that the Crackdown demo was awesome and move on. You are adding to all the fanboy crap going on.

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@Gangsta, How does that not alienate the fanbase? A year is a long time to have to wait for a product that you really want. It makes most consumers feel like after-thoughts. Btw, I personally think SFV is a terrible deal as well. It's the exact same.

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See... this is where I would disagree with you gangsta. Existing IP's have an existing fanbase that are now alienated. It totally makes a difference and that's why the reaction was more extreme.

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Not saying the outrage is totally legit but there is a big difference between the TR deal and the ones listed in this article:

Existing multiplatform game made exclusive vs. Exclusive games then made multiplatform

It alienates a huge portion of the fanbase that you know is on a specific console. In the end, it just sucks for those who can't buy something but want it.

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I always feel conflicted about the whole "release x game before trying to fund y game." I get it from a consumer perspective, but in the developer world, job security is only guaranteed as far as there is funding. Usually companies search for funding ahead of time, so they know what they will be working on next. For that reason alone, I think people shouldn't make as big of a deal about them figuring out their next steps as a company, especially with Mighty No. 9 releasing soon....

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Of course it is! Considering a large portion of PS4 owners are first time Sony owners, they now have the opportunity to play through the first 3 games before the sequel comes out. The fact that it looks better/runs smoother is even more reason to get it. (UC4 demo is a great plus)

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Sony tried the dark/creepy thing with PS3 commercials and they were a disaster. Anyone remember the nightmare-inducing baby?

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It always blows my mind (and it's quite revealing) how creators have no idea whether games will be great or not until they are released. Game creation is such an interesting process where the creators are so deep into making an experience that it's impossible for them to completely step back and see it from the perspective of a normal user. Naughty Dog obviously found a winning formula and now are just going to continue that moving forward. That's the sign of a great studio and it...

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