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All I needed

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PSVR2 isn’t sitting on shelves because unless I missed something they can’t be purchased in store

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They're not going to get the same heat that Sony got because Nintendo fans are a special bunch. They won't say anything.

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I'm excited for this game

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Chloe Frazer series please

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I'm not a social media manager I'm a person who has it and plays it. The fact that you said it released with only online shows you have no idea what you're talking about because that is blatantly a lie.

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I finished the story. The game is getting bashed more than it should. It's about a 7 out of 10. I like the story and the character I just don't like the dated techniques they used to tell the story. Gameplay is amazing. The powers are brilliant.

To me the game just suffers from poor execution of presenting the story. However, it's a decent game. The character grows too. She's not the same person by the end.

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Umm they did two betas to stress test servers before releasing early access. $30 early access gets you the full game also. The level of detail and mechanics is amazing. We’ve seen Early Access games unplayable before this isn’t one of them. The future is promising for this game.

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Love the core gameplay and footwork. Great selection of fighters. Excited to see where they go from here.

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DayZ style which is cool but this showed a bunch of nothing when they know people are calling them out for possibly being a scam or fake.

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That was all that I can do too

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The complaints about the dialogue is kinda overplayed. I been playing the game and I'm surprised how big of an issue people are making this. I would've expected it to be worse and I'm left just feeling like people are just hoping on what others are saying despite not experiencing it themselves.

It happens a lot with game reviews. People create a narrative and others just go with it.

The game is okay. Not amazing not brilliant just okay. Freys ...

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Gamepass isn't free. Stop that delusional narrative.

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War... has changed

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Who wants to punch a bolder?

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Incredibly overrated. Felt like a major step back from the gameplay progress seen in BB and Sekiro. I feel like because it's more accessible people artificially rated it higher. It feels dated with just the open world being the change but the open world is empty and lifeless. Great change for From but GOTY is a bit much imo. However, everyone sees things differently.

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DLC? Fully fleshed out story with tons of content, New gameplay features, entirely different types of combat, many different enemy types, and more. To say it's like DLC is just crazy.

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Clearly part of the narrative is Kratos continuing to hold back in order to refrain from going to his old ways.

“Death can have me when it earns me”

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Should be more concerned about their lack of follow through with what they said they'll release.

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