Don't underestimate female gamers
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It’s quite ironic during the early days of the PS4 & Xbox One lifecycle he clearly said it’s not about power it’s all about the games.

Now he’s saying the exact opposite.

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Loved 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10. The series deviated away from the traditional formula after ten. This was around the time when Squaresoft merged with Enix to become Square Enix as we know today.

The newer/modern games just doesn't have that same magical feeling like the older titles anymore. I still like em but don't enjoy them as much as I do when compared to the older games.

In saying so, I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming Final Fant...

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Don’t see how this game cannot be run on current consoles. Visually it’s not that special.

I’ve seen & played PS4 games that looks a lot more impressive from a technical standpoint.

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Maybe not so much as an evolution but you can be sure Sony’s diversity variety of first & 2nd party games will delivery a great gaming experience. They’ve been doing so since the Psone era.

Nintendo too.

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Sony doesn't exactly need E3. Can we just please stop it now with these repetitive articles.

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"A demo for Resident Evil 7 Remake has been leaked on PSN and according to some dataminers, its code further hints towards a PC release."

The author didn't bothered to proof read the first line in the paragraph...

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"the next BioShock will be in development "for the next several years." 2K has not officially announced any platforms nor targeted release date for this new BioShock."

Confirmed for next generation of consoles if it's going to take that long.

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Wishful thinking but I really hope it's a remake of The Legend of Dragoon.

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I rather they fix the absurd spec ops. The unlimited spawning & aimbot nature of the AI feels cheap making it almost impossible to play through.

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This is why I only stick to 1440p. Sweet spot between resolution and performance & it's perfect match for the 1080 Ti I'm using.

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Would love it if Capcom actually did bring back Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, & Clock Tower games.

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"GameSpot reviewer Edmond Tran finished the game in about 30 hours. In that time, he completed the main quest and nearly all side quests. Jess McDonell, who created GameSpot's video review, also took about 30 hours to reach the credits. They both played on Regular difficulty for their first runs."

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Never take IGN's review seriously.

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Breath of The Wild for me I really tried to like it but I just couldn't get into it like the previous Zelda games.

I much prefer the traditional style of older games like Ocarina of Time.

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Deserving of Praise. Have always very much enjoyed their games.

The Last of Us resonated well with me and made me care for Ellie & Joe in a way I rarely feel for video game characters. Looking forward to part 2.

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Please bring back Breath of Fire, Clock Tower, & Dino Crisis games Capcom.

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People are taking it too literal when Sony said the PS5 supports 8k. It's more likely Sony meant it supports 8k content such as digital movies/streaming. They never once said anything about 8k graphics/resolution in games.

The media, or the so called game journalist and even reputable games have been spinning/speculating this news around since the announcement. It's unfortunate a lot of people are buying into it and are taking it far out of context.

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Nope not at all. It's more like the so called game journalist and clickbait sites who's obsessed on making or turning anything Kojima related news into a ridiculous conspiracy/controversy theory.

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"R-Type Final 2 will release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC by December 2020."

The waiting :(

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General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including a solution for the following:

- Resolved an issue that may have triggered errors during game play.

- Resolved an issue that may display an instruction to remove the Joy-Con during the initial setup of Nintendo Switch Lite.

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