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I am talking about quality. Suckerpunch does a better job at Gameplay than ND and SSM.

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Had only around 170k units shipped in Japan and sold 107k in three days, sold over 240k in two days in US and don't know Europe. Not including Digital or Europe Mega Mario Bundle.

So it would be a million seller by NPD or Media Create Numbers.

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dont need own it to see it.

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I believe it when I see it

you should be working on getting games lock at 60fps without making sacrifices.

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Mario sold a little less than a PS4 launch game on a system that sold the most a launch. Iwata should be laughing.

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over for Wii U not Nintendo. Nintendo still has 10b in bank to use for new console they would start developing in late 2015 for release late 2017 or 2018.

Also tons of cash left from Wii, DS and 3DS.

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you mean amazing. MH4 gave Capcom a profit selling 2.7m in one month.

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Nope not better than Monster Hunter, Wii Series game, Nintendo Land and Mario games and DQX.

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3D World came at the end of the month
Knack had more days and it only manage to get one spot above lol.

wait as a matter of fact that really pathetic
considering they actually rele on thevsame day yet it only.

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Infamous > Uncharted and GoW

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real talk though it just a game using Unity 3D default asset

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holy **** god ****
i cant even ..... dang lol

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Great Console! 2014 will mark the beginning of a great Gaming Session on Wii U. This year was more of a preview like all system first year launches. What comes after will determine it success. Either pull a profit or loss with high or low install base.

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Nintendo releases new system every 5-6 years for console and 8-10 for handhelds

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Nintendo 64 and GC made a profit.

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Star Fox Adventure sucks. As a huge Star Fox fan that game suck and Command as well. Krystal and Tricky was the only redeeming factor it has.

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done with FF. XIII killed it. I am going to Bravely Default instead.

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THq lol you're irrelevant
so much for Nintendo being irrelevant making Darksiders your Zelda

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can't wait to see this comment section expands

*grabs a soda

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