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I would have to agree with you for the most part, but the RE series prior to 4 (with some exceptions) are quite scary. Even playing RE3 for one still has me scared of the nemesis every time I play it.

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I love this article, it's funny and yet acurate at some points. Makes me think back to those days. Nostalgia, man.

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I wouldn't mind any negative articles res talk, this stuff and all to stop. Just give us more news about things actually affecting the industry, new games coming out, and the good stuff, ya know?

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For the lack of talk I've been hearing about it, I don't think it's hyped enough. Lol

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All this great news and leaks about this game just gets me more and more giddy to get my hands on it! I can't wait!

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Sounds like I'm going to LOVE this game! Lol I deffinently can't wait to see the final build of the game.

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Considering minecraft got its popularity via youtube, it would be a shame if youtubers now can't make money off the videos, that might actually do damage to minecraft. However, I can see that there will probably be and exception for this game, they make exceptions for any big game that comes out so why not this one?

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It's so weird. I kinda like it, but... Yea... Weird.

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I have to agree, the xb1 controller seems great and very well built but I honestly prefer the location of the left analog stick on the dualshock controllers than the xb controllers.

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So far so good for me, no problems with my controllers and I use it even with my pc games so they get a lot of use. Lol

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So many people hating on this. I feel it's pretty funny. It's not persuading me to buy the xb1 version over the ps4 but I like this ad, it's clever.

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That's pretty funny. Lol I like it.

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I agree. Ps3's online play was free so I don't think ps+ should have been necessary. Now regardless of this I was a ps+ member prior to the ps4 came out because I liked the free game system and is a good deal, however not all people would see it that way and want to pay for it.

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I don't get it. So the ps plus line up each month isn't always that great? Its only been a couple months that it's been bad for me. Also when has the psn have a history of being hacked? From what I remember it's only been hacked once leaving the service down for a month or so, I don't recall any other times other than the ddos attacks which isn't at all hacking. As for the rest of the article I can't be bothered to read further as my opinion is far from agreeing wi...

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You won't see 4k gaming vastly as of yet as its too expensive.

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I can agree with all these entries, they all have some abnormal appraisal behind it, especially the call of duty franchise. As much as I love the ff series, even I think it gets too much praises these days lol.

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I don't like early access. It's just buying an incomplete game with no garentee the game will ever be completed. I can understand if it was a complete game that will add more in later on, but there are too many games that will launch on early access that will be missing core parts of a game only to be promised to be added later. What ever happened to free demos to get the hype for a game up? Or even free betas to see consumer response to it. Paying full price for a skeleton of a game ...

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I don't know about it myself, might go with 60, might go with 30. Depends on how much better the 60 frames makes the game for me and if I experience too many frame drops.

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Well damn, hope they have this fixed by the time I'm back from vacation. Don't wanna come home and be greeted with this bug if my ps4 is affected by it.

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I don't see how this is news, even on DaS/DeS you could name your character on consoles but those who invade/coop with you only saw your PSN/gamertag. Nothing new really, it's how it's always been.

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