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Can we turn it off? I get judged enough everywhere all the time, like right now by the person reading this. I just want to play the game and have fun.

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I'd be cool if trophies and achievements were removed. I have never felt like doing something in a game just for a pop up that says good jarb. I mean, yes I ignore them the you can always just ignore them. I do, however this is the type of stupid they bring.

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I enjoyed the single player campaign, It was a good time. I had no desire to play the online part.

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I was very disappointed with the switch version. I stopped playing and just kept checking back for an update that might fix some of the issues but none so far. I will probably sell it and purchase the PC version. In the future I am not buying any non first party game on the switch the performance is almost always trash unless Nintendo themselves made it.

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This is good news, Tell an epic tale and make it a fun adventure.

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Stamina bars are lame, I'm looking at you skyward sword... thanks for adding that and now its a thing forever. >_>

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Its not as good as 14, but it kicks the ass of 12, and 13 by a huge margin.

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My favorite MSG, Amazing!

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Honestly it seems soulslike is a term people are now just attaching to anything. Its possible to die in my game so tag it soulslike. Its a very small distinction.

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Am I the only one who thinks Kirby's new "Power" of absorbing something then changing into it and getting new abilities is literally what happens with cappy in Mario Odyssey? I am really happy they went with 3D for kirby and I hope they do Donkey Kong next but I wish they had not just used the same gimmick again. It will be fun anyway but I think this is something people are not noticing.

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This is the FF6 remake that should be.

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I always wanted to play this, is this going to be exclusive to switch or multi-platform?

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I'm sick of Zombies and post apokolips. Lets make a game where everything is the future and its going to well and everyone is way to happy and your just some person trying to cope with the fact that there is literally no challenges left to face in a bright utopia of freedom.

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Awesome, Bloodborne is my favorite so I will play this until my eyes bleed.

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I really liked this series, I think they should make more. Use new characters. Do a whole new world. The possibilities are endless.

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Beaten this game 3 times and never played more Gwent than what I was forced to play.

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There are way to many and they just keep multiplying. Right before they took over action RPGs were becoming my favorite genre, then everything went rogue.

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I still feel like sonic boom on the Wii U was the best 3D sonic game. The glitches and bugs ruined it but if that game had been polished it could have drove sonic in a great new 3D direction. This game imo has way to much realism. Who knows what that really means though. Could turn out to be a great thing but from what I have seen I feel I am still waiting to get what they are going for besides huge empty fields for sonic to run in. Even after reading this article.

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Just because its an Action RPG does not mean it has to be a rogue-like/souls. If we could make some normal action RPGs too that would be nice. This looks great.

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How much more narrative focused is Elden Ring compared to other games by Fromsoft? I am curious, I enjoy and play games mostly for narrative so before they never really hooked me.

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