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Abriael is right but this particular version is a cover by disturbed

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Looking? As in apperence? If not then you are wrong

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You're so full of shit

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Pc players actually just make their voices heard unlike console players. Pc gamers actually speak up unlike most console gamers who are in fact sheep. Pc and pc gamers are paving the way for a better gaming experience for everyone

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idk how sales numbers alone indicate 360 owners going to ps4.

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Well if you think about, xbox players havent had anything to play this year until the holidays. Sony guys wont have anything to play until 2016
sony just released there games earlier so it kinda evens out

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I love it. MS shows the most impressive piece of gaming tech and then sony shows a bunch of games that everyone on this site is nostolgic for, so therefore sony won. Smh.

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fallout 4 will win

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i hope they answer that in the after show Q&A.

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TIL that putting a head phone jack in a controller is innovation. /s

Lets take a step back for moment. Nearly every 3rd party headset has the same headphone zjack, so why would MS not include it in their controller? Its the logical thing to do. Stop being a fanboy sony copied ms on some things to

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lol. based on your logic, cosnoles are better than pc because all consoles have the same hardware.

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every class has its ups and down but from my personal experience no matter what the situation sunsinger self revive is the most clutch and important super in the game.

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Pretty sad that flagship games launch with server issues and bugs. When gta v online launched on last gen it barely worked. Halo MCC barely worked at launch. Driveclub barely worked at launch. Such a same the indistry has become this.

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The majority of pc players dont care enough about this game to whine about it

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Mercedes is better

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Sony can aquire whatever they want, still wont change the fact the ISP are cheap bastards and dont provide good internet

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Well one could argue that Tom brady is the best qb since joe montana

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Safe to say everyone's mind is blown at this point. Hell i was even suprised the commercial aired during the walking dead

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Thanks but i didnt ask for an explanation of what the game is, i already knew what you said. Thanks for not really answering my question also. I think im gonna buy borderlands because i have a bunch of friends who are going to buy it and playing with friends is much netter tban playing alone

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Kinda off topic but Can anyone enlighten me please. Want to buy this game but i also want borderlands because of its co-op. Will bloodborne have co-op and if so will it be good?

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