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Don't Care. Gaming has changed so much anyway. Lose it lead it who cares. More important things in the world to discuss.

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I don't know I'm on the fence about this one. The article makes good points. But this is what I know as a gamer of pc, xbox and ps system. I play Sony first party stuff on ps4 and now ps5. I play most 3rd party games on PC because it look and run better. I don't own a Xbox because guess what all their 1st party day one game release is on pc. If Sony move this way because of the Jim Ryan I will consider using PC to play 1st party Sony games too. Put it how you want. Exclusive games...

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You know GOTY and I’m talking about gow winning in 2019 too is subjective. Your personal vote is a racer well what if some don’t like racers or gow type games or shooters. On what merit are GOTY based. Sales or fanboyism or maybe art design? One day maybe we’ll see this competition end. All platforms has great games from pc to switch. But I never cared for one who ignore something to mentally feel better about a preference. I’m going to say it and it was said before. Point and simple Microsof...

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What idiot would count a game release on another platform and give the merit Xbox. Fanboys are just ridiculous and so is this dumb reaching article. They have Bethesda and not one exclusive new game has been released. But ooh they brought Bethesda so Xbox wins. Look tell you what if we need a need king of gaming fine Xbox wins whatever fanboys think they won. Take away gamepass and that thing was a big fat paper weight.Now back to ps5.

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So in my opinion I think they looked at this generation and not wanting to get their @ss kicked. Rather than spend the money to come up with original IPs. They said to themselves let's become the Netflix of gaming. But the problem is they have to have more exclusive titles to entice people to buy in. Thus the Bethesda buyout hoping to woo people over to game pass. I'm not hating on the service but they can't keep writing fat checks to developers and charge 9.99 a month. That servi...

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Microsoft can go down a rabbit hole trying to match every game Sony produce. Did we forget the money they spent for Bethesda alone? Microsoft nor Sony don’t need to enter that rabbit hole. Microsoft and Xbox will have great titles. They can deal with DC Comics all they want. But like ArchangleMike said you have a great team to produce a great game. Case in point Marvel Avengers game. They can buy Rocksteady and go down that road. But they need to focus on something original. And not copy Sony...

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It was a great showcase. Fan voice will speak louder than some lame reviewer. For some folks PS will also suck and can’t do anything right. The majority wins all that matters.

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Since when did the consumer become project planners. I mean we’re telling Nintendo to do a switch pro. We’re telling Sony to release slim models. Do understand there’s a chip shortage. Slim models, pro models for all 3 will be released in when the timing is ready. Not a minute sooner.

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Fanboys are clearly the worst. Some will write what seems like a 200 page article to defend a console of choice against one they haven't even laid their hands on. WOW No one has touched the thing and this writer paint it as the worst thing ever. Steam Deck won't stop the sales of Switch so get out of your feelings. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need competition so you reap the benefits. We all get it Nintendo has always done things their way but that don't mean that the Steam Deck ...

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I have a capable PC rig. I personally could care less about the Bethesda buy out or all their games on game pass. What I do find interesting people seem desired to write these articles. It all speak volume to fanboy crap. All games should be on all systems. But hey if it’s easier to buy up all 3rd party devs than to get your 1st party up to snuff. People praise them for it. By all means.

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Buy a Xbox and shut F up. This GEN is insane with trolling. I'm sick of that. People praising game pass and that great. But it will and always come down to games you like to play. Nintendo would've been dead a long time ago if this thing was based purely on value. You like xbox then buy it. You like ps5 buy that too. If you like switch buy that. These articles are just a waste of everyone time.

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Jim Ryan is sending Sony their grave like he works for Microsoft. I don't think he even care about gaming. Just a business figure head. For the love of GOD Sony can you hire someone else. You had top dogs like Jack Tretton, Shawn Layden who know how to speak to gamers. And to this day I don't understand why they're not part of the Sony team. We need to move from Jim Ryan asap. Phil Harrison was even better Jim Ryan. We hope you're listening Sony.

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It amazes me that articles like this still continue to exist to troll a system of preference. It don't matter if Microsoft paid 100 trillion for Bethesda which is not the only source of games. Every gamer is not a Bethesda fan. Jeez a loo. If anyone been paying attention to history over decades. Buying up studios alone doesn't mean success. Otherwise Nintendo would have lost all market share long time ago. Microsoft needs any 3rd party they're buying because their first party is l...

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Well let's not stop there can we get halo, gears of war on ps5 and Super Mario 3D on PC?

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Sony be wise not to do that for someone like me would drop my ps5 fast. I know a lot of PC gamers love to see ports come over. I know we are heading down a path of no more exclusives. But there's a reason ps5, xbox x and switch exist. Again I don't oppose to the idea of a gow or spiderman on pc but if it does. I'll sell that ps5 for a RTX 3080 or 3090 and game on 1 platform. Sony need to consider this carefully. I sure I'm not alone. Some might say well the new games won't...

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Uh no its not a good thing when prices are increasing to 69.99 and they're milking us with DLC. I guess if you're lazy and don't have a lot of time to play yeah. But wanting to pay more for less content is dumb. This is sending the wrong message to developers.

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Its not that PC can't match the fidelity of XSX graphics. Or even exceed them. M$ need a reason to sell consoles. I still play it on PC no matter what fancy graphics they trying show.

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Yeah I feel the same. All this send us your psn ID thinking I be a chosen one. Then hand all the systems over to eBay scalpers. I'm good too. I defended every decision made by the company. But this is terrible.

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I support all new ideas and features. But my one big problem is why do these corporations think everyone wants to own a different platform to play a special game (Gylt). Microsoft has been trying to lead the charge in tearing down those walls of exclusive games. Nintendo has join the effort with mobile entry. Sony dragging their feet a bit but with the launch of PS Now on PC. They're also seeing the light. Now we have google Stadia which is the weirdest name for a gaming platform but okay...

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