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Yea they confirmed it, but dont waste your breath, look in this comment section, all kids.

PS wont let you install games to an external Hard Drive that's also confirmed, where are the comments on that?

Let them enjoy hating on the Xbox, Im going to enjoy the best of both worlds, and play with xbox one and PS4, best part is i can mute and block half these children from both.

I do not know why comments on these articles are always negative...

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Can i say something, your talking abous a service which lets u rent games (i say this cause once subscription is done u cant play it), to a service which lets u keep games, keeping is much more expensive then renting, hence the reason why i think xbox cant really give u recent games, because if they start handing out Battlefield 3 and AC3 for free to keep? That is a loss. If PS had the chance to let you keep their free games lineup it wouldn't be recent games on their either

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I agree, positive news about Xbox One is actually getting better and better, and If they show more things, and really show the positive about Family Sharing, and how it works, and introduce a 50$ price cut, just 50$ would be a perfect price, with Kinect like expect more people to buy the One than PS4.

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well lets be fair ps fanboys dont believe what developers say about the xbox one.

If a developer talks about good things in the Xbox, its just PR talk, but when a developer says something positive about the PS4 its perfect and its true, and its powerful.

Ladies and Gentleman, ANOTHER 180 :)

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Pretty much the way n4g is run is pro-Sony the article is amazing, and awesome

Against Sony the article is wrong and the person is writing it is also wrong. As well as pro xbox, on this site people comment on how its a fan boyish article and against xbox it's fact and well said and true lol. The site is ridiculous.

Look at how many Sony fanboys here hated insomniac games because of an Xbox one exclusive and they said they aren't even a good developer ...

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Ok makes sense

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Isnt insomniac making an Xbox One game as well?? is it normal for 1 company to make two different games for two different systems??

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Really??? Did not know that, what about Behemoth?

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He claimed that he did not want to pay for patching FEZ, then Microsoft said, they were willing to help him do it, and let him use resources to patch, and he complains about it. So much so, everyone hated him.

I still do not see why these developers are pissed and Twisted Pixel and Behemoth Games have no problem

Something is missing.

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He knows better than all of you, he has the kits, seriously, lol i cant believe u fanboys, this is a developer, I am sorry but he would know. Anything positive is trounced.

Insomniac creates a game exclusive to Xbox and you all call them sellouts, instead of congratulating them and supporting them, as they provided you, with ratchet and clank, and resistance, and you make your selves feel better, you claim the game is bad.

Sony fanboys are the worst, no respe...

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Most logical opinion i have ever seen kudos

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I have a feeling, EA and others are gonna have a very nasty surprise for PS owners when they open their copy of BF4 or whatever.

Good for sony not to include any form of DRM, but at the same time they are still in trouble, because now, Publishers can implement their OWN DRM into the games, Origin, comes to mind.

Publishers are no officially free to screw you in whatever way. That sucks.

At least with Xbox One there is a guideline, but the fact i...

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At this rate if you are having games that are always online, why bother playing offline then, its not microsoft or sonys fault, its publishers, that make games always online, so Microsofts philosophy is oh since the game is always online, we might as well make a console always online too.

Good amount of the games I have seen from EA and Xbox and Ubisoft, are enhanced for online play, no traditional game that can be played offline. Dont get me wrong they are great games, but t...

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U can use the USB as storage with 128 gb so yea u can expand it if u want

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Really lowering a game price to 30$ isnt positive news??

Ok then

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and when there is a negative article on PS4 you say its paid and paycheck, what is a credible source to you people. The negative news you shout fact, the positive you shout false. Jeez, grow up fanboys

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You do not know that many people canceled subscription, there are 48 million xbox live subscribers if they wanted to make a game free because of that they have to lose millions and millions of customers, so highly doubtful

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Sony will not do the same, lol

The article is saying because DRM is there and its going to save money for the developers, lowering it to 30$ wont impact them because MANY people will buy games at 30$

If sony does this they will lose money, this will only happen if they put in Used games and DRM stuff too.

I doubt itll happen, maybe itll happen for Microsoft own games, but not for EA or Activision thats for sure lol

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Then Xboned i will be :D

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THANK YOU, someone sees a positive, in this sea of PS fanboys

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