i7 6700k (OC'd), EVGA GTX 970 SC (OC'd), 16GB Corsair Vengence DDR4


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Can you post your specs, maybe PM them to me if you want.

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Witcher games take place after the books, so reading the books is actually good to understand some of the plot and returning characters. I wouldn't actually want this man helping CD Projekt Red, with his awful attitude. Dude is just an a*hole.

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Anyone remembers the game Frontline: Fuel of War? The game predicted this, the rupture of the EU, after that it was the rupture of the UN. Were pretty much setting up for WWIII and Armageddon.

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@Hoffmann, it's like Dev's and publishers are afraid of failing, so they keep making sequels to sequels of other sequels.

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The fact that this hasn't been shutdown jet baffles me. It's like Disney is waiting for them to finish to hit them with the cease and deceased letter, making all that hard work go to waste.

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Not a surprise, as both lacked content.

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Not only that, but you could see that it was running at a lower quality, then the VP of AMD released a statement saying that the Nvidia card was not executing the terrain shaders properly... It was clearly looking better than the AMD benchmark overall.

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The minimum is a GTX 650ti, I think you could maybe run it 1080p medium, but it really depends on your whole setup. I got a i7 6700k OC'd to 4.5ghz with 16gb DDR4 ram, and frames sometimes dropped from 75 to 45~50 fps. I'd say if you have Origin Access, give it a try with the 6 hour trial.

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I'm liking it for now, runs incredibly well on Ultra on a GTX 970.

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Please, stop with the god damn remasters requests.

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Microsoft needs to release MCC, or at least Halo 3 on PC. They promised 3 but never delivered.

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Yeah, one thing I hated about Arkham Asylum/City was the pre-rendered cutscenes running at 30 fps, made me nauseous to go from 60fps to sudden 30 for a cutscene. Also find annoying that Knight had that 30fps cap even though I could run it at 60fps. Haven't replayed it since, should give it a go again.

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If anything, it devolved with The Division.

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I'm gonna test this out, looks very interesting.

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@ TFJWM At least we won't be playing subpar 900p @ 45~60 unstable fps.

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Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 didn't have campaigns. Those games were strictly multiplayer, but they also had a singleplayer, where you could play all maps against AI.

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I think AMD will announce the new GPU's at PC Gamer's event. Like they did last year with the Fury X last year.

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I understand that, but it appears as if implementations for modifications won't be apparent in it. It appears as Project Cars or a more barebone version of Gran Turismo. It looks beautiful though, gotta give them that. No multiplayer at the moment also, kind of a put off.


Understand your point, but we have to give them feedback anyways on things that will bother us. That's the point of the Beta.

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No customization, modification, or paintjobs. I thought it was going to be almost like the full game, but it's basically like a mobile game at this point.

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They said people will be totally surprised, so in my mind, I think they might go WWII style war, but inspired by SCI-FI like equipment and vehicles. Something like Wolfenstein: New Order. That's just me though.

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