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Nike to jordan? Under the same umbrella buddy, and i also wouldnt call gaming or cars or smart phones niche's

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Dude there is a countless amount of variables to account for when debugging a game. And bugs are usually caught by people in the weirdest situations.

You expect a company to catch every bug?

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You a t lije all the fist half games will cater to everyone. They got the order snd bloodborne, no seei g how the order will do, its getting mixed reviews. Bloodborne will do as good as any souls game. Maybe half of souls numbers

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Yeah indies get announced, so y head said it him self this year is goi g to see a lot less triple aaa games for sony.

And indies are garbage, i never buy them and i never will.

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Time for Weabo's to come out. Huh ryan san?

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So with your logic, why even buy a ps4? It pales in comparison to p.c and wii u, what ps4 exclusives are all the rage? Uc4 and tlou? The milked gow series?

The gt series? Those are all the first party games sony has worth noting, but this gen is different. With the sony 1st party games to come out thus far, they all have been mediocre.

i got all the systems and im waiting on uc4 and bloodborne, besides that im playing a wait n see game with the rest.

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Halo is still played competively

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Anything yo get the negative attention off your north korea hacks eh sony

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I guarantee everyone saying they did not play this game most definitely played this game.

They just dont wanna admit it and instead play the cool hipster act,and hate on popular things.

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Nd aint releasi g nothing till its of their standard of quality, i know uc4 is going to be a super smash hit. The gameplay evolved so much from the first three i know it will be great.

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I find it insulting to be exact, like japanese are the b's knees if quality. They have zero support for our products but expect us to buy their products. Just annoying.

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Umm even their own products arent selling to hot. Japan is a handheld territory. In the console game they lose their hold each gen. Japan is garbage

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Yeah and killer instinct has 14 fighters cou ting riptor

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Cid realized that he always a girl, so then decided to go through with his sex change to be come a lady. Cid+ney= cidney-ney= cid

Get it Cid the ladyboy. Still the best mechanic in town can switch a tranny wit the best of them

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Muricans like social dude bro shooters, so it makes sense right?...right?

Or maybe not everyone cares for the ps4 roster, so far ps4 is lagging behind ps3s firstparty games.

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You are exactly right. Two weeks ago sony announced 14 mill. The numbers add up, and the sony camp did this last gen with the ps3, and i believe the same sony people said ps3 is in the lead when in fact the used imaginary numbers to bolster their story. Wait on oficial numbers

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How do you how much the ps4 sold? Sony them selves says they shipped 13.5 million ps4's in september. And sony fanboys are sayi g ps4 is around 16.5 million as of now.

Thats a million for october. And we know in north america it sold 700k not sure how globally but we didnt even get december numbers. So how could it be at 16.5?

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This guy is a total fanboy. I think this is ps4's gen but anything can happen.

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You list those games as if everyone is suppose to fall in love with them. Bloodborne is the only game ill try.

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This is my question, how well would xb1 be doing if they never had kinect and a tually priced their console right. Like 350 from the start.

Would ps4 have the lead it has, cause these bundles selling are consumers talking with their wallets. 500 was too much,

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