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Why does glacius remind me of a necromorph in dead space

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It's a battfield 3 avatar , oh sorry wii u owners won't know that

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Damn wii u is and old ass console, Nintendo with their cheap shit

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He'll yeah,

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Omg , what a load of crap, after all the voice commands he still takes out a cellphone, to show off, oh wait the phone also has Skype,and all the other stuff, and this is revolutionary lol

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Messi has no competition, Ronaldo should be compared to guys like, neymar,and such

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Why should it, it won't save the console

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Apple wanna b, that's why the cable box hasn't been announced yet,

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Give the models breast and long hair, to save the work

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My fifa 13 keeps freezing,

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To many games, cant keep up

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He wants to be back with Sony, just said some shit to get out of falling console,may b he is not so dump

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Nintendo is losing money , the console suck, all they say is Nintendo has money to withstand it, it's like thinking, I have enough blood to survive so I will Just bleed, and see what happens lol, we all know how it ends

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I will hang myself with the wii u cords, with a Mario cartridge in my mouth

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Zombie u and Mario u are two of the best games u ever played???? Lol what

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I heard its now 15 cents, and still has trouble, you gotta push the wii u of the shelf to get it off, lol junk hardware

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Kids don't even know who mario is these days, but they know Stevie Griffen, family guy is stealing what little is left of nintendos kid base, soon the fat woman and old people will leave, lol then they will start making home appliances,like they should

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Goodbye cod, never liked you anyway

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I don't own one and I'm panicking lol

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Why is there comparison, junk vs crap , what is this

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