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The gaming community isn't racist at all. I don't know what I was thinking when I said otherwise.

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On behalf of I, me thinks you're a little off.

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I thought she was Jamaican.

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I would have had an issue if she was model-thin. She was taking Drake on with relative ease cause mma or fighting's relevancy in this "modern age". I honestly believe even just a decade ago, people would have had an issue with a woman being able to be as kickass (realistically) as Nadine is. Well, Chyna would have had to have taken the role in place of Nadine.

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I couldn't have said it better myself.

And this site has shown me on more than one occasion just how racist the gaming community is (I don't play online as much as I used to, but not because of how nasty some people can act).

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Ugh. Crappy job as a writer/journo/blogger to get hits. Should feel shame for it, yet "writers"/bloggers still do this. It won't stop though, obviously.

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Yeah. Your comment is being nitpicked and I don't see the reason for it. I really don't like Xbox One, but there's a lot they should be grateful for in the competition they're not going to catch up in, not in the slightest.

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Just tweet/hashtag the hell out of any story talking about this. Maybe @midnight will pick it up? It's damn possible it'll be mentioned on there this week.

That's the one I used.

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Give us some more Rival Schools, you fools!

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Eek! :D

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If you wish to think that, go ahead. The experiences are subjective, but then the numbers don't lie.

However you want to play it, GT comes out on top in my opinion. I can't speak for everyone else. But you do that

Infinite track selection says, oh heya there!

Just read that first post in this thread

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For crying out loud. Jivesh answered your question with:
Jivesh + 17m ago
There's always something that GT should "be afraid of"

Yet, you go on to click the disagree button and not even reply to them. What's up with you?

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u4one likes to disagree with anything involving GT looking good. They really don't like Sony, PD or GT. u4one disling all three would be a good bet to take on. I'm not going to listen to their biased THEORIES.

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That may be the case now, but how did AC play with limitations that restricted past-gen games which relied on CPU power for realistic physics? I keep hearing Enthusia wasn't held back by the lack of power - being on the PS2, it apparently stacks up well against current sim racers.

I wonder how you figure the next GT is out of contention without much to go on. With the FIA taking charge of the serious online racing side to things, how do you not take that into considerati...

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There it is.

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47k in sportscar battle
36k rally car battle
65k non-race car battle
41k race car battle

I underestimated by about 100,000 races. But even if each room had just a single person in it...

There's no way I would have predicted this. It's insane.

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+80k rooms in Quick Match everyday. Over two years ago, GT6 released two weeks after the PS4 launched. The course creator has reinvigorated the community recently enough. It's doing better than I expected.

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Apparently PD didn't want to share assets with Evolution. I heard about this before Driveclub and even GT6 were released. I'll look for an article or something to confirm it.

Edit -
Can't find anything other than Kazunori Yamauchi not wanting to outsource any work. PD works alone; plain and simple.

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Same here. It has to be something really special or my favorite games if I pre-order.

Still, I only pre-ordered the "white glacier" Destiny PS4 and GTA V in the past year and a half. I pre-ordered MGS IV, though not this last one. I'm scared of completing it. smh

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Oh I get what you mean. Getting shards isn't easy. I mainly find them I think and then can't find anyone who specifically drops it. Thanks for the insight. I don't think I've received "chunks".

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