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I don't care much about the extra features in the new Dualshock, but I do think it's the superior, more comfortable controller--not to mention the DS5 looks great.

I recently bought an Xbox controller again for my pc and I don't agree at all with the idea that asymmetric thumbsticks are more ergonomic. The Dualshock configuration actually allows your thumb to remain straight and rest comfortably regardless of whether you're using the D-pad or analog stick. ...

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I've tried to play BotW so many times, but I can't play for more than 20 minutes at a time before being bored to tears. It's too bad, because the world looks great--it's just entirely devoid of anything interesting or challenging, with awful combat and item mechanics, obnoxious music, and half-baked ideas. Oh well.

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Unless we're talking about the combat in Dragons Dogma--turn-based by a mile. Very few ARPG systems are any good.

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Exactly. All many innovations do is improve efficiency so that the time and money can be spent elsewhere. Producing multiple level of detail models and optimizing the game for them is inefficient. Baking lighting maps is inefficient. Imagine how many more assets a developer could add to their game if they didn't need to make 4 different versions of everything. The efficiency improvements are what produce the freedom to discover those big changes to gameplay.

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Persona 5 is the game of the generation, but agree, Bloodborne should have been on the list and is considerably better than most of the others listed.

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Where's Dragon's Dogma 2?

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Looks great... like what FFXV wanted to be.

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Looks great. I've been calling for a significant upgrade to their engine and design choices for a long time.

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The Lunar games are two of my favorites. Love the characters, music and one of the best villains in all of gaming.

As far as the quality of current jrpgs, Persona 5 came out 2 years ago and is my favorite game of all time.

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I can't think of an party based Arpg that even comes close to the greatness that is, for example, Persona 5 turn-based combat. When done well, turn-based is far superior for a party-based game.

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It's incredible (and sad) how little people know about business.

Number 1- who cares how much this guy its paid? What is it to you? If the other employees are worth so much, then certainly they can go elsewhere and make more money right? Even if Activision decided to pay their CFO a fraction of this salary, say 500,000, Activision has 4,000 employees and that would result in less than $3,500 more per employee... in addition to likely being more than they're worth (a...

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Yes, I wasn't going to play Smash, but indeed, now I will.

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You're getting screwed because of your absurd Value added taxes my friend.

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Consumer rights? He had the same opportunity as anyone to research the product he was buying. He had the same opportunity as anyone to research the return policy prior to purchase. Because he's a dolt doesn't mean he's entitled to anything.

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In the US the employee has plenty of power, and severance pay is something that would be negotiated as part of a contract. If you don't offer enough value to sign a contract, that isn't the companies fault.

Besides, all employers pay payroll taxes that in part are to cover the unemployment pay an employee who loses their job is entitled to. There's a reason why the overwhelming majority of European countries (including the UK) have 2/3 the G...

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GOW had great combat and was a lot of fun; I don't think it's game of the year or even close to game of the generation though. There are a number of games that I've found to be much better so far. Now, if we're just judging the game on its technical merits, it's probably higher up in the rankings. For the record, I'm not the least bit interested in Red Dead either, but I'm sure most outlets will come down to those two choices.

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Agreed. Could not appeal to me any less.

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Have you ever played an RPG before? The cutscenes will be half the game.
I don't understand why this has been controversial at all. CDPR wanted to make a first-person RPG. Okay. So what? I don't typically play first-person because I don't consider the games that use them (TES/Fallout/FPS) to be very interesting games. I know CDPR is going to deliver a great game though, so I don't care which camera angle they choose.

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You know Bioware was responsible for the Mass Effect series as well as Star Wars games right?
As for Anthem, I'm still undecided on it. If it's a heavily story-driven game with co-player elements it could be great; if it's a Destiny emulation, I'll pass.

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You have a right to not buy a game that makes use of such practices.

While people pout and cry to be saved by an all-knowing government, I simply avoid buying bad games that use these tactics.

See how easy it is? No regulation or waiting needed.

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