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I must admit I wish this would come to PS4.
It looks very impressive. Looks like a must buy for the Xbox owners.

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Cant wait to get my hands of one plus Oculus Rift.

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Yet you are here reading the information the site has submitted.
I don't see how it can be a bad thing that at site submits a lot articles. It's the N4G users that make the go to the hot zone.

Content providers should be rewarded for creating content. If not, they stop providing it. It's as simple as that.

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It's so funny comparing the PS3 to the PS4 launch.

When the PS3 came out I went to a midnight launch.
I was the only one there and the shop had opened up with two employees only to let me in. It was a total fail and kind of awkward.

This morning as I was heading to work I saw the line in front a electronics store waiting for the PS4. The difference is night and day.
Sony has really turned it around completely.

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I just want to see what the other half of Naughty Dog has been working on.
They must have been developing for the PS4 for a few years now.

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This is madness

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I haven't really looked at anything KZ3 the last couple of month.
My freaking god this looks good. Wow, just wow.
The visual style is amazing.

To me this looks like the best graphics ever on any platform. I had no idea they had moved so far from KZ2 which was beautiful as well.

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I agree. Monsters is a part of Uncharted.
I'm sure we are going to see mummies of some sort in this one.

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I was really impressed with Sony on this one.
I saw the game in a shop in Copenhagen. Sony had guys dressed in racing gear, and customers where racing to get the best time.

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It has two :)

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It's the same here in Denmark.

I had people over on Friday so I figured I better go out and get a second controller. Non of the shop had any. Not even the starter kit.

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Looks great.
I would still love to see them make another game in the same settings at the first game. Mudslides and dynamic weather plus the new engine could be magic.

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I did not complete KZ2.
I sold my PS3 (to buy a PS3 slim) and forgot to copy my save games.

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Comparing this the uncharted is way off.

I enjoyed the demo but to get to uncharted level this game needs:

1. About six months of polish
2. 10 times to animations of make every movement believable.
3. A perfect framerate.

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Should have been a top 10.
Where is LBP / Uncharted2 / MGS4

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That is exactly what he is saying and I agree 100%.

People are worried about 3D making their games worse than they could have been. This is not what is happening. In fact 3D games are way more optimized simply because all the extra power that is being used to make it 3D.

This means the 2D version is running way better than it would have if it was not for 3D. We have already seen this in games. After Super Stardust went the 3D t...

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Wow.. That pretty much sums it up.

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Im back on board.
I did not play BioShock 2 even though I loved the first one.
This one looks very very impressive.

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How this is not number 1 on everyone's to buy list is beyond me.

This looks so freaking amazing.
Just think about have 50-100 favorite creators on your favorite list.
Then everyday when you play the game there have been added new games you like from the creators you like. Just like when you see your videos on youtube from your favorite creators.

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What kind of thinking is this???

I bought a new TV/Computer/Phone now it turns out that they are making a new better version of it. Now I want a free one because I paid good money for the old one. Com on man. What are you thinking.

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