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I don’t know, why ms and 343 always fk up. On halo release date for halo mcc, halo 5 and now Infinite. Shit like this is why I can’t trust 343

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Halo ain’t the same without masterchief and cortana together.

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The series needs to take a longer break

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My fav will always be mw4

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Ms wants to pay a lower fee. And also by getting ea good side. For some big exclusive. If ms help ea win the lawsuit.. nothing is free

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Same thing happen to me. I went from 1000g achievement to platinums. Never again, I was interested in getting more 1000g achievements. Getting platinum trophies is much better

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Mobile games, are not my style. but, I’m happy for nier

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The Punisher Game with online. That the only way Xbox fanbase with support it

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At least is getting anniversary. which Metroid is not. It is a damm shame. I was hoping to buy anything related to Metroid on the switch.

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Skyworld sword is coming. I, got a big feeling about this. Man hopefully, Metroid prime collection with M comes as well.

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It dead dead. Seriously, third party games is best play on your platform of choice. And nobody wants stadia as their choice. Sony, Ms, PC, and Nintendo have loyal fanbase.

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For company like ms should be embarrassed. They love being last place. Next year Sony is going for another big year.

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Sony is going A++ next year when god of war 2021 come out

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I really wish Nintendo stop playing games. and release Metroid prime 4, Metroid collection and hopefully Super Metroid Remake😍

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Nothing in the list is better than demon soul remake.

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343 and m$ deserve each other. I just hope Sony doesn’t do the same mistake with god of war 2021 releasing for ps4. Should be Ps5 only.

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Definitely getting this game for the ps5 on a cheaper deal. No rush of getting this game. Feel bad for day one old gen customers.

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Does game pass have Spiderman or demon soul remake. I don’t think so. So us gamers can’t forget how amazing ps5 it really is

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when I beat maneater boss. i was screaming of joy. Man I love this game.

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