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I bet it wasn't all doom and gloom when the WiiU was coming out, right? That's why I said the real test is post launch

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It's sold out, so it's not really dead on arrival. The real test is post launch

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Xbox one x needs a 2tb hdd not 1, escpecally for $500

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You don't have to buy it, but I sure as hell is beacuase it's exactly what a thought it would be, a true 4k console

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Even if they went first there would still be people complaing why it's bad for Microsoft to go first. IMO they should just release it when they're ready

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Looks good to me, can't wait to try out the beta!

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This was the most pointless timed exclusive ever, with games like halo 5, fallout 4 and battlefront I just don't have time for tomb raider right now. I probably won't get it until sometime next year.

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I completely agree with giving the campaign a 6/10 especially since we didn't really play as master chief.

The mutiplayer is amazing and I can't wait for BTB and forge

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I'm finding arena games and warzone games instantly and there's no lag. Gotta hand it to them

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its pretty expensive, but I don't think it's made for the average consumer. This is for the hardcore halo fans, like me. I'm buying it and I can't wait!

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I know some people say they buy cod or battlefield and don't play the campaign, but I actually like them, I know they're not amazing, but they're enjoyable, plus I like getting my single player achievements

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My problem with the X1 controller is that you have to buy the battery pack separately, not even the $150 elite controller has one. I don't want it built in, just included it with every controller. Other than that I love it, plus, once you do get the battery pack you never have to get batteries and the battery life is excellent

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Can you add this to GTAV online? Please? Just Imagine being able to destroy the whole city! So much epicness

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he also said this "and up-close stabby stealth kills (every other game ever)"

Does he mean assassination? Lol they've been in halo since halo reach

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We've only seen a glimps of a campaign that's supposed to be twice as long as halo 4. I'll wait and play for myself. I have a feeling it's gonna be epic.

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Why do you do this to me!? Such an amazing controller, but for $150! I'm still gonna get it either way.

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No need to call out people. Just block and ignore

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As long as we see more games, especially scalebound and crackdown then I'm happy

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I don't need it.....I don't need it......I NEED IT!!!!!

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I can see Halo MCC going to PC, but Halo 5? Probably never, it's pretty much the only reason anyone owns an Xbox one and it's going to be a very big console seller this Holiday.

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