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We buy it to shoot the sh!t out of each other on Live and have a good time with friends while playing online, what's so hard to understand?

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Sucks for the guys with PS3 but on the 360 this is one of the smoothest big game launches I have witnessed in the last 4 years, no major problems whatsoever and there was millions playing last night.

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MW 2 is P2P on all platforms.

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look who's talking ^

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Jealous fanboy alert (above)

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Runs good on the 360

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Sony fanboys are the most duchiest out of all of them - fact. Look at any favorable xbox360 article flooded with sony fanboys to put two and two together, the only reason I don't have a PS3 is all the sony fanboys are such a turn offs - I would rather pay for online then have to deal with these twats....

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If the Reference level on the 360 is set to "expanded" instead of "standard" it tends to get overly dark and loose some of the detail because of that. I would be curious to see what theirs 360 is set to.

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I have upgraded my old one last year to Elite and turned the old one into a media server for the living room :) , makes me wish I would have waited....

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cheapndirty - 52 minutes ago

"2010 will be the year :)"

Yeah, I've heard that every year since '06 - still waiting........

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I think the time has come to stop calling the 360 and PS3 "next gen" as the XBOX 360 has been on the market for 4 years :)

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Wow the sony fangirls need to grow a little thicker skin. This is an OK article that the sony fangirls tried to censor out but I guess one of the mods brought it back from dead :)

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There is an error in this article, according to the PDF files there was 15 programmers and 45 artists. involved. http://graphics.cs.williams...

Also interesting page from the article:

Lessons learned:Today’s hardware is too hard!

If it costs X (time, money, pain) to develop an efficient single-threaded algorithm, then…


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Yep, same here - it's definitely down at the moment, see

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Yeah it can be annoying, sometime it will freeze up for up to 20 seconds. It started after the new dashboard update last fall, it never did that before with the old dash.

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The only one running out of excuses is YOU.

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I don't like the grain filter neither, why would you take a good looking game and make it all grainy (I'm looking at you "The Lost and Dammed") if you insist on having it in your game at least give me an option to turn it off like Mass Effect did instead of forcing it on me.

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Personally I thought the trailer was bad to the bone!

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