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Proud of not buying a video game, good work, champ!

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I take it you didn't bother to read past the first sentence then?

"And yet the two titles couldn’t be more different. Titanfall is a multiplayer-only shooter with unremarkable graphics but superb gameplay, while Second Son has some of the best graphics ever and is purely single-player only."

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What a fantastically reasonable and mature comment to make. Bravo.

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It's a sad indicator of the state of this site that you feel the need to make such disclaimers. This is an article about Forza, GT has no place here, of course that wont stop the childish bickering and comparisons between the more idiotic users on here.

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Braveheart, 60/120gb machines? I don't think so, with 1080p content and games that would be eaten up as fast as your bandwidth would allow

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Why are you relating public gun ownership to historical military events? European nations realised long ago that Joe Public doesn't require a full auto machine gun/killing machine in order to get by.

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Actual journalism from a gaming website? You wouldn't see an article like this on any other gaming website, this is why I rate Eurogamer so highly, fantastically interesting read.

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"Would u rather have 12 Cylinder 500Hp car or 8 Cylinder 1000Hp car for racing / performance / speed (exagerrated oversimplification)"

You forgot to include daft and erroneous in those brackets there.

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Without Valve? I don't think so champ

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You guys really are in denial if you believe smartphones aren't having an impact on PS Vita sales. I can think of few people who would be willing to carry a PS Vita in addition to a (more or less) essential smart phone.

P.S. Now I come to think of it, I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who owns a Vita.

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wishingW3L, the vita is in a completely different situation to the PS3 though. The PS3 has only ever been competing against other consoles, whereas the Vita is competing for pocket space with increasingly powerful smart phones that do so much more than play games. I'm not arguing that a market doesn't exist for a dedicated handheld console, certainly "core" gamers will always prefer the physical controls, but Sony need the Vita to sell to more than just the core demographic....

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For me, FC2 ranged in quality from the sublime to the ridiculously frustrating, with servings of each in almost equal measures.

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Clearly you don't know much about Eurogamer.

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Don't say that, you'll set the tin foil hat bridge off!

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It depends how you measure the success, inevitable comparisons with the PS2 will be made and in that sense, Sony has lost a massive amount of market share whilst MS and Nintendo have gained considerably. However, credit is due to Sony for turning things around after a poor start.

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I save myself from the utter trash that makes up the rest of the event and watch the trailers online after.

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Wow, crazy

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how about the fact it's early in the morning in the UK and Europe and middle of the night in the US. I know I wouldn't get up at 3AM to congratulate Sony on how many units they have sold.

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"we"? Who is this "we" you talk of?

I do love playing sales, so much fun.

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The numbers for the PS3 are also 'shipped' and not sell through to consumers.

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