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its kind of ridiculas this article was written really, sony leads the market and there is a negative story, sony does something new, sony brings back an old ip, sony does remakes, creates new Ip, always room to complain.
Yet other companies are in much worse places with way more resources and ip and everyone loves the transparency.
The games media is as bad as the main stream news corps, hardly an balanced articles or actual journalism today

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thats why its failing, xb need to get very good and build from there, they just want to be everywhere and make as much money as possible, Thats fine, but people dont tend to play or buy low quality games.
69 billion is just so they can sit back and not make 3rd party deals and leave the publisher to push out titles onto their service. Xb is just gamepass now, the console is not important, xb will be a 3rd party publisher

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another year another apology and the fans are calling him great for it, pack this up. They have the most studios, most money and cant get high quality games out, and this man says making great games wont make a difference. If starfield was an 11/10 you better believe that people will find a way to play that, thats what gamers do. This guy is out of touch and the best person to run xb is Donny M

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so justify a terrible game that is next gen only you say its perfect for gamepass, stop normalising low quality on powerful hardware and stop normalising not paying for good entertainment, gamers always paid for games. Special editions, limited consoles etc etc, just cut this out and stop pandering to a trillion dollar company.

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damn you sound just a delusional as Phil, the only time xbox was good was when Don ran the show, Halo was a system seller that people moved their games away from as it sold like crazy, and look what they did to it.
The lies about high fidelity vr, standard 60fps or even 120fps, xbox series eats monsters for breakast and yet ghostwire and many multiplats run better on a lower spec ps5 ? Come on they have more studios than anyone, more money but cant compete or release a game that runs...

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I just cant believe that prick said Redfall is a shit sandwich even sony fans have to take a bite of ? what ? if you didnt buy redfall or an xbox what on earth has it got to do with you ???

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sounded like the white flag to me, over the generations too many lies, too many let downs and too much waiting.
Its like phil doesnt know what his job is here, he doesnt think delivering high quality games is the answer ?? wow

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imagine thinking the US governement should be looking into what goes on in the Japanese electronics market.
Maybe not a surprise as they want to force their way of life into most countries

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what idiots are writing this nonsense, they have more studios than most and cant manage to get a steady flow of half quality games. They have so much IP with rare and the other studios, there shouldnt be a problem at all

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Is this the same Phil who said he was excited about the games they haven't shown, or that cancelling scalebound was good for gamers or coming to xb high fidelity vr?
The guy lies for a living, he needs to go.
If your a real fan don't you want the best rather than never ending promises and wait until e3.

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This is propaganda not journalism

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Wait xb can reject marvel and kotor but Sony can't reject a game concept?
OK pal, as for a bigger wallet that's true and why I always find it incredible how xb makes mediocre titles

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I would buy a new resistance or socom but not a live service game,even from this fantastic dev

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Let's all pander because feelings

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No they make games that ridicule everyone everyone everything. So now they are protecting one group, why? This is why comedy is dead,its ment to be edgy not the establishment and jokes in games and in entertainment should not be taken seriously. We are living in a beta weak minded world. You don't like something dont buy or support it

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that's the most moronic thing i have seen all year and im on twitter, so players are forced to play on xbox, don't be ridiculous, maybe as a photo op but hardly if they don't want to play it.
If xbox had compelling games and treated their biggest franchise with respect they would get more attention.
The software always does the talking

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Traffic whore

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now that is pretty smooth, i could live with that

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n4g is getting like cnn, full of pandering articles to people who dont understand games or the history.
when i started gaming many games didnt have any difficulty settings for people who were not ready to learn and get good at a game. Grow the fuk up

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Give her a Sony funded studio to run as her own and give her freedom like kojima.
So sick of EA and Activision

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