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Can’t wait!

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Beat me to it

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I mean they have. But not this gen

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Power of the cloud baby

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Wow you really think GoTsushima is a new standard for open world games? Anyway, Witcher 3, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Cuphead/ori.

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5.6 user score on metacritic is pretty telling. But you’ll make an excuse that those are all bots.

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Ok grammarnazi

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17 downvotes for hoping MS buys WB games. This site is toxic

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I liked god of war. It’s my game of the gen. I liked HZD. I liked uncharted. I like TLOU1. Sorry you can’t accept that your prized game wasn’t very good. So salty.

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That’s not fanboying that’s just the overwhelming majority

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There’s a difference between fanboys and fans.

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If you’re alluding to TLOU2 negative articles, they weren’t negative they were simply a fact of the matter. Game’s story was hot garbage. Many will agree. You won’t see disagreement in the comments tho on N4G. Wonder why??

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Dude clearly we want to play on console not pc. I don’t like pc and everyone else who has an Xbox probly doesn’t like pc gaming.

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