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The Maxx asks a simple question and he gets 5 disagrees and not a single response as to what those real numbers are.

LOL @ the delusional Sony Loyalists on this site.

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"then its not only saying that the PS3 has taken the lead, but that Kinect had no impact on 360 sales."

How do you figure that?

This is a "weekly" chart. 360 sales are +78% oppose to the PS3's +27%. So it seems pretty obvious that Kinect had an impact.

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"Yeah but they are at least supposed to be realistic."

You don't think that an estimate of 1.2 is realistic when 1.4 is the numbers that Sony gave?

Are you serious? They are only off by .2 million and don't forget, Sony reports "shipped" not sold. So I would say that 1.2 is pretty damn "realistic".

@ darkride66

You're just a loss cause. Use your head.

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You are right. Because now that GT has actual competition in the market in the Sim genre, 360 fans will be able to compare the 2 games.

I am a long time GT fan dating back to the original GT on PS1. But now there are many different racing games out and each excel in certain areas. But to be a true sim racing game, there are core elements that need to be in the game at this stage in gaming. No excuses if they are not.

The ONLY people who don't care abo...

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To everyone who thinks not being able to change the tires is nit picking, then you don't know much about racing. Tires are the most important part of racing since it's the only think that connects the car to the road.

Most likely every tire on every car model are not the same. And some tires are better for handling then others.

Not being able to swap a stock street tire for sports tires or racing slicks to have a better performing car on the aspha...

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Ah I see, you are one of GT's blind sheep.

Yes there are added features in the game, but none that are needed. The core of what GT5 was suppose to be is A SIMULATOR.

All the extra features should have been applied AFTER PD had created a true sim game. Plenty of those features are useless features. This is suppose to be the "definitive" racing game on the market. I mean almost 6 years in development and we can't change the tires of a car?...

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For me GT5 is turning out to be a big disappointment.

I mean the graphics look great and are unrivaled in any racing game this gen, and most likely will remain that way.

But this game has been in development for almost 6 years!!!

Having just 230 cars that have cockpit views out of 1031 cars is pathetic. The customization is extremely limited and the physical and mechanical damage on only certain cars is down right laughable. You can't e...

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"how about some new IPs from these master minds like bungie,naughty dag,insomniac etc,,,,"

I agree. What has Polyphony been up too?

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I read your comment several times and I have yet to understand what you point is. I think you had a serious melt down. Was it because I said that I was falling asleep during the long drawn out dialog of MGS4? I didn't say I didn't like the game...on the contrary, I enjoyed it, but there were moments where there were LONG drawn out dialog scenes followed by long drawn out load times, which then followed another long drawn out dialog scene.


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I plan on looking even sillier playing Kinect. And I don't care who know's or sees me. At least I will be having fun.

You should have seen me playing MGS4....I looked tired and was falling asleep listening to hours of dialog.

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Agreed. Wide Open Western environment with Zombies = winning combination in my book.

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Ok I don't know why you guys are thinking that MS needs to sell "X" amount of Kinects on Launch to break even. The advertising is set to create product awareness. Kinect will be around for years and this is just 1 moment in product advertising and marketing. This $500 million spent now can last several years.

Re-runs on Oprah and Ellen.
Word of mouth.
Product awareness.
Additional add on sales.

Also note that going by...

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Dude the game is a year away. When the release date becomes much closer there will be more talk and more advertisements/hype/articles/p romotions..etc. Until then, there are plenty of games to talk about and play.

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Also note that darkcharizard alt account is handheldwars.

I have proof in my PM's. I ignored darkcharizard and then I received a PM from handheldwars telling me off saying that I ignored darkcharizard.

If you follow either one of the accounts, you will see that in each article that he comments in, the other account is also present.

Mods I have the proof in my PM's. Please can we ban his accounts.

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I would expect nothing less.

handheldwars is darkcharizard alt account. I put darkcharizard on ignore in my PM's and then I got a msg from handheldwars saying that darkcharizard asked him to send me a message on darkcharizard behalf.

It was easy to detect because handheldwars was using the word "I" rather than "he" in the msg.

darkcharizard and his alt account handheldwars are pathetic.

Mods please ba...

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Eyetoy tracks in 3D? Eyetoy tracks 20 seperate individual points on the human body?

If so then yes Kinect is very much like eyetoy...if not, then clearly Kinect and Eyetoy's only similarity is that they are both using camera's.

Ramzadel please stop trying to spread ignorance and misinformation....

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You need to learn what "proof" is.



Your "proof" is not proof. It is a writing that you have typed out on this site. You link no creditable source to where you got your numbers from. Your "proof" is absolute failure to prove anything.

"PROOF - (a) Super Mario Galaxy 2 had s...

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"But, can you honestly say that because the Ford Focus outsells the BMW that the Ford is of the highest quality? Just a thought."

That is not a fair comparison as the 2 cars are different prices. For a cheaper price, yes you could say the Ford Focus is a better quality car because people can't afford the more expensive car, or it's too much on gas, or the maintenance cost too much. Now if both cars were the same price with no compromises to the BMW, then ye...

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You sure you wanna talk about console exclusives and their sales?

I don't think that would be a winning battle for the PS3.

Both those games you mentioned don't contain a Multiplay aspect thus only being single player games which have a tendency to be rentals rather than purchase. However I own both.

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It's been confirmed that OtherZinc and myself are not the same person. If you know what is going on with the Bitbag, you would have known this. Please try and keep up and don't hurt yourself. Thanks.

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