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i called this 987 days ago


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must've got offered LOTS of money to get back.

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i see steam box as a smart investment and not risky at all.

i mean they are selling a normal PC with a good GFX card and a controller, with a free OS like linix,

so if valve lose, they wont lose much, and if it all goes good then they'll make profit out of it.

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did they count digital sales via origin ?

dont know crysis is not my type of game.

and i hope this is not about showing PC gamers in a negative way.

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that's because its not an Xbox One exclusive.

it wont last that way.

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looks boring as shit.

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well then MS is in for some real bad investment here.

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looks good, too bad it'll sell like shit and remedy will most likely make 0 to no money off of it and well be forced to make a PC (like alan wake) maybe even a PS4 version this time around to make some money out of it.

and to add insult to injury those piss poor xboxone sales which we'll make this even WORSE for them.

remedy is a good studio and they make good games but they are stupid when it comes to making money off of that talent they have.

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lol xbox one

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xbox fanboys/employees used to rub it all over PS fanboys how they get worse multiplats

i guess karma is a BITCH !

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"selling Xbox business, killing Bing"
best decisions they could make now

then turn to the old fanbase which is already established ... PC

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good joke, haven't heared one for a while now.

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it only dose EVERYTHING.

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typical form MS to use fakes

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as much as i loved his work with all the MG games

David Hayter needs to stop being a little bitch and move on with life.

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the xbox one is dull and uninnovative, speaks of whats in the box.

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if you compare a game with such legacy and name like total war games with an unproved never played game like ryse shows how much of a blindfolded xbox fanboy you are.

its like comparing gold to shit and thinking the shit is better because MS shat it.

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Arabs have always asked for this but never got it.

PS3,2,1 didn't have Arabic and most likly never well

xbox1,360,one never have and never well, no console ever had Arabic and most likely also never well

as a native Arabic speaker as much as this is saddening to know but this is a fact we'll have to live with

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