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Parents would have me (1yr to 6yr) in the room while they watched movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play and IT. I continued watching horror movies my entire childhood, they were my favorites. I watched South Park when it debuted in the late 90s when I was only 7 years old. I played GTA3 in 2001 at 10 years old, and COD4 in 2007 at 16 years old... Nowadays I own a permit to carry and own a few guns, everyone who knows me can tell you I never/extremely rare that...

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@Profchaos, and that's fine because Prey was an amazing game that gave me major Bioshock nostalgia. It was a good single player game we were promised from Bethesda. But unfortunately Prey and Evil Within 2 were the last two good single player games. They were both pretty much finished before Bethesda decided to go suicide on Microtransactions.. RAGE 2 has its moments but even that game had completely unnecessary micros added that serve no purpose in that series

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It was one of the best MMORPGs for awhile especially between Morrowind and Summerset but have you played recently? It feels like it's slowly taking more steps backwards..

Longer loading screens than ever before, unbearable lag/framerate drops, Combat noise disappearing or out of sync, Cyrodiil crashes with even more lag and random loading screens in the open, and them basically microtransactioning literally every part of the game. Want your character to have max skill p...

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He's obviously a Left Wing extremist with Commie views. Should be put on a FBI/CIA watch list like they did back in the 1950s

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How does gamepass work? So is it something where let's say I buy a next gen xbox console 5 years down the road for their solely for exclusives. Is it something where after 5 years, can I do a game pass for 1 month when they are doing a sale. Then buy all of the games at a even higher discount? Do I keep those games forever? Or once gamepass ends, I lose them?

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@UltraNova, Don't expect one from Bethesda any time soon.. based on all the things that's been going on with them ever since Skyrim.. their games are getting worse and worse, more casual friendly, less oriented towards a Adult crowd, and less RPG mechanics. Also more and more ways to screw a single player crowd out of money. The only way I see them returning to be a great RPG developer is a swift kick to their ass, loss in profits, and change in upper management.


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Im one of the few people who loved RE4, RE5, and RE6. The story at least.. I didn't mind the slightly more action paced, would of preferred more horror route.

I see a lot of people hate on the series because they have this mentality that the Resident Evil series is supposed to be about Zombies, Zombies, Zombies.. but it's more than that, it's about Biological Weapons. And RE4 to RE6, Revelations 1 and 2 all do a decent job exploring all the different Viruses/Par...

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I'm also one of those who wasn't a fan of VR, not a fan of gimmick gaming in general. I don't care if they decide to do another First Person horror, id prefer 3rd person but I just don't want RE8 be catered to a VR crowd.

The whole time playing RE7, it felt like they had VR set as their priority with controller as a backthought.

Now i do think Resident Evil games with VR has a place, but not as part of the main series (unless it's bu...

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If you haven't yet, definitely try it out. Exodus is awesome. It expands the world of Metro. Still miss the creepy Moscow subways but this game makes the surface just as fun and creepy to explore. Really good story too

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I think Processing/Memory is still the biggest thing I look for. Without it, we Wouldnt be able to have hundreds of NPCs being able to do stuff all at the same time. Or behind the scenes script/calculations taking place on a grade scale. Games like Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris could be so much better

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Definitely would be interested, but obviously a looter shooter would just feel odd playing solo. So I would expect a slight gameplay change to a more hybrid system between traditional loadout and a loot shooter. And hopefully no bullet sponge enemies in a solo world

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Exactly this. Bioware for example had around 800 people at one point. 4,000 is not a lot.

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I'll go one further, Arkham Origins is the best of the series. Out of all the games Arkham Origins feels the most connected to the original Animated Batman series and the comic world with how it portrayed it's story. Arkham Asylum does this very well to.

But Arkham City and Knight? Those two feel more disconnected from the source material to me. Maybe that's a good thing for some people. I however love it when playing Origins and Asylum, getting major nostalgia...

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I only wish more devs were like this, especially Bethesda and Bioware. I would love for them to return to what made them good in the first place before they became greedy corporate pansies who put minimal effort into a game for maximum profit

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Not every one will enjoy it, especially those who never played a cRPG before or ones who don't like the genre.

However if you are a cRPG fan or possibly even Diablo style game fans then it's worth checking out

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Same, like someone else once said on here.. Spiders kind of remind me of CD Projeck Red before they got famous and big. They have a lot of talent there, all they need is a stand out game that people love with potential for more.

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September 10th 2019 on PS4, Xbox1, and PC

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I mean I'm already planning on buying day 1 but if it offered PS1, PS2 and especially PS3 backwards compatibility then that would be a major unexpected win for them.

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Awesome. Trying to keep my hype down for this game though, don't want to have too high of expectations incase it turns out to not be a perfect RPG sequel to the first game

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"Eventually" yeah.. no, there should never of been a eventually in the first place. The game should be made to be a awesome fun experience on release date, not 2 years down the road after everyone wasted their time and moved on

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