No one believes in heroes anymore!!!


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Read above comment dummie. Lol you all need new professors perhaps. Learn to read and get an education you sjw moron!

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If i had to pick, Venom would be my first choice and spiderman wasnt even in it. Still though its Venom. Spiderman 2 if i had to choose. Theyve just been getting worse and worse. Youre talking to someone who used to watch the 70s animated series and the television series.

Its now become a joke and will continue to get even worse with time, as long as you have these no name big mouth agenda pushing actors and amateur weak story telling directors. I cant even remember the la...

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Its better in certain ways, just like mario might be better in others. Both are great kart games, along with the new sonic racing as well.

Crash is definately up there! Reminds me of diddy kong racing a bit. I have played many kart racers over the years and crash might have just dethroned mario kart.

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Its extremely overrated. I do not like it! I really wish they would just go back to the old original formula.

Instead of all this crafting and repetitive backtracking nonsense.

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You are a perfect example of someone whos been duped and brainwashed by your nutty baby boomer professor. What .org liberal site you getting this info from? Ironic you cry about education when you are obviously lacking it. Ive been living in California most my life, and if you want to see what a liberal run state looks like, come out here! Its an absolute mess!

Homeless people on every corner, highest taxes, streets jam packed, nonstop construction, gang homicides, illegal...

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The big announcement today was the original Atari Star Wars cabinet from the 80s. It includes all 3 Atari Star Wars games. Original flight controller and light up marquee.

Its really something to behold. Definately getting that one! Supposed to be under $500 and is awesome looking! Cabinet art on that game has always been one of my all time favorites!

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The thing is with darksiders 3 was the level design. Alot of bland environments and boring industrial areas. Its too bad because the combat and characters were pretty damn good. I played it and got pretty far into it, but couldnt bring myself to finish it. Got bored too quick.

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Hopefully its better than Darksiders 3! They need to go back to the style of the original Darksiders. Playing that on switch and having alot of fun with that one!

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Fuck Segata! You can always move back to Mexico if you dont like your free handouts here. Trump needs to cut off ungrateful scumbags like you and send you back where you came from. Trump 2020!!!!

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You need your head examined

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Are you people still actually crying about the election??? Get over it, you lost. Anything is better than your precious Obama! Talk about ruin, lol. Ive never seen more hate and division from a president in my life.

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This is the valley of death! The lord humungous rules the wasteland. You must buy my game. An overlooked gem!

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