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LMFAO @ the SE fanboys seriously like the first 10 posts are just hilarious. " I'm not buying versus", "they'll be sorry if versus goes multi", "still waiting for an apologize for XIII"

Wow, grow a pair losers.

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That's not it dude Racing games do NOT interest people as much anymore like they use too...FPS and RPGs are just taking over the gaming world...Hell not many people even ATTEMPT to make many racing games anymore, no one wants to even give them a chance even if they are good...Need for speed is even dieing, Burn out basically died, Nascar was big on like 4 years ago now close to dead I could go on no racing game sales have been impressive Forza was okay.

I'm one of th...

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If you knew the guy you would know he actually has a GF and she's not even that bad lookin, so GTFO, thanks.

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said the virgin.

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How do does a Final Fantasy game get rated Lower then XIII? Seriously is it THAT bad?

This only feeds the fire of Wada going Super Sayian and putting Versus Multi to Milk out as much money as possible before he leaves, lol.

And yes Vidictus is AMAZING for a Free game, I mean it's so good..It's some what repeatable though...but it's still in Beta so I understand...I'm level 20 so far but I haven't played it for like 2 weeks now due to Divi...

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yup, looks good anyone know the date for release?

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Shikoro are you stupid? SE talks out of there ass ALL THE TIME.

IF you knew anything at all about making games you would know 360 had NOTHING to do with how bad XIII was they have been working on the game for many years you think they made last minute changes to completely change the game? Of course not it's not even possible considering on how long it took to make it, PS3 fanboys have brain washed so many people that unaware on things actually work when it require only a...

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I don't get why the ending was so bad to most people it was actually a unique ending and wasn't like every other game and it was actually realistic because the main bad guy was just a normal person he didn't have powers or anything. Fable II even has some pretty good reviews and sold like hot cakes so it doesn't suck at all.

Just because it's not a PS# game doesn't mean it sucks like you Sony Sack Suckers are doing, get over yourself and be a man.

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probably gonna suck as much as the game.


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you say this like the game is out either you're a ps3 fanboy or you are seriously that damn stupid.

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Something like this could have been to ps2 online if people actually used it, lol.

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I feel bad for the people who disagree with your happiness, pretty pathetic really.

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I disagree, other ones look a lot better and some of them are the ones that are posted here and some of them on there other site aren't even any different then normal pokemon.

Anyways, Poliwrath looked the best with him eating a poliwag, lol.

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*Waits for raging fanboys*

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It could easily be a normal RPG with a bit of exaggeration.

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LMFAO, OMG is this article serious? This guy has GOT to be butt hurt cause he's pissed the game got delayed...How does a system come o an END for ONE game getting delayed?

360 gets TONS of Multi-Plat games to 360 and almost all of them sell more then Ps3...The end? LOL not even close.

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Dude, get off Sonys sack...What's next Pokemon moving to PS3 too?

Sheesh...And people say 360 fanboys are the worst? Man, this guy is an idiot.

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FF13 is good for the new school players but not for the old school...they want it to be like older FF games where you can do whatever you want...I'm actually kinda one of those people I played like 55 hours and I actually just stopped play I did not have any interest...I actually preferred to play Divinity II over FFXIII.

FFXIII SOLD that's all SE cares about now and people NEED to understand this...It's NOT the 360s fault XIII was linear it's just SE has lost...

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