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Finally, I'll be picking this up at some point this year.

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My favorite DMC games and top 5 IMO are:

#1 Devil May Cry 3
#2 Devil May Cry 5
#3 Devil May Cry
#4 Devil May Cry 4
#5 Devil May Cry 2 (although I did not liked DMC2 as much as I was so hyped building up to the release of the game)

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You see the business model has always been profit. That applies to ALL businesses. Companies are in business to make MONEY and PROFIT, without that, what is the point of being in business? Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of paying money for DLC, but I can understand the business side of things.

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Give me PvP online multiplayer and I'll buy your game.

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Make a PvP Team vs Team multiplayer and I'll buy your game.

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Your anime is the most popular of all time. Dragon Ball Z is my favorite out of the Dragon Ball series. Your creation has such a huge global cultural influence. With that said even til this day I watch it. Even as the creator parts from his creation, the show must go on and that is the sad reality. What the future holds for his creation might go through changes that we might or might not like. Thank you for bringing such an amazing anime to my life. Your legendary history will live on foreve...

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Had Helldivers 2 had PvP online multiplayer, I would've picked it up. The game looks like it would be a masterpiece with PvP online multiplayer. It looks like it was built for it.

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I saw the upgrade system for FF7 Rebirth, apparently its like FFX Sphere grid system...... yes *spoiler warning*

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Amen to that! Won't touch this game unless they announce the physical version. Boycott digital all the way. Do you guys even know whats gonna happen when all games are forced digital release only? You will lose your freedom of owning games. And, lets say they set up super strict policies where you can't cuss online on your favorite platform or you get a perma ban. Guess what? All those THOUSANDS of $$$$s you spent on those digital games? LOST forever! Now you have to buy them AGAIN! S...

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As much as I am not a Nintendo fan, I will give Nintendo respect for this one.

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Nooooooooooo!! Extremely disappointed.........ND has been the worst studio for almost 3 years now.

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RE Code Veronica Remake confirmed :)

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I'm were the pre-orders ''low'' in sales when it just sold over 3M in less than 1 week.

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This is probably because digital is being forced down our throats and gamers are buying into it.

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As predicted

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I am completely okay with this. As a matter of fact, with such a huge AAA JRPG game like Final Fantasy VII, it should be in 2 discs. The game must be long for sure.

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The concern is when is this game releasing..

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If they prioritize live service over AAA, then that'll be the downfall of PlayStation.

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As long as the AAA single player games are of the best and highest quality on PS5, I have no problem with them doing live service. But if we have more showcases like we just had recently, then I will lose faith in SONY.

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Spring 2024 probably. But that's just my estimation...

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